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  1. Just rejected by Berkeley DrPH
  2. On UC Berkeley’s DrPH page it says we may have to wait till June 1 if we’re on a waitlist. That is so late! I don’t know how we can plan to join the program if we find out so late. Anyone else waiting to hear from them before deciding on other offers?
  3. Great point! Which track were you accepted for in IH?
  4. For those of you who are waitlisted, have you tried asking the program what your position is on the waitlist? I would really love to know what my chances are but I dunno how to ask.
  5. Yes. We should start a thread for international applicants!
  6. Berkeley DrPH is the only program I have to hear from. Do you guys know how many students they accept into the program?
  7. Waitlisted by JHU International health - health systems track.
  8. Has anyone else here not heard back from Berkeley DrPH or JHU PhD? I haven’t received an acceptance or rejection and I’ve been going crazy checking every single folder in my mailbox everyday.
  9. Oh ok thanks. Would you mind sharing your stats? Trying to understand the profile of an accepted student. Are you planning on accepting your offer?
  10. Oh ok! Does anyone know if Berkeley DrPH interviews everyone shortlisted or just some?
  11. Has anyone heard from Berkeley DrPH? I saw someone post about an acceptance a while ago. Any updates since then for anyone else? Also, do any of you know how many applicants they accept? Thanks!
  12. Did they? I heard from the program that they’ll send out decisions in the first two weeks of March.
  13. Waitlisted at Dartmouth - Health policy.
  14. I'm in the same boat for IH - Health systems track. No response to emails. I was really hopeful because I thought the interview went well but at this point, there's no hope left.
  15. Same. Didn't interview so was expecting this.
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