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  1. Thanks! And no, students are funded their first year normally through TA/RA, but I applied after the priority deadline
  2. Finally finally FINALLY received my first offer of admission to the University of Maryland Environmental Health PhD program!!! However, it's unfunded for my first year so I'll be carrying a small stipend from one of my prior mentors and likely commuting from home to save rental costs. It's a dream program due to mentorship, connections, and projects so I don't want to turn it down! For those still waiting, it ain't over til it's over
  3. Those "expected response times" should be taken with a grain of salt. I don't want to jinx anything but I've been hearing promising news from one school and their graduate program website states that decisions are handed out late March at the latest so I would wait a few more days until week before National Decision Day (April 15th) but even that might be flexible for some schools that are tardy with admissions. Especially since you applied in January vs. Nov-Dec
  4. Has anyone heard from Maryland Environmental Health PhD?
  5. Just got rejected from Tulane Epi, at least they finally started putting people out of their misery
  6. Saaame boat here. Like just put me out of my misery already
  7. As we go through the waiting process in solidarity, let's remember these roots once we become PIs, health officials, leaders, etc.. and remind ourselves that students' time is VALUABLE and that it is in our best interest to respond to them in a timely matter, just like we will to our eventual colleagues and supervisors. I really really hope they extend the acceptance for funding deadlines beyond April 15th just because there are so many (like myself) still waiting to hear back and it doesn't seem fair to not even let us know if we are on an informal waitlist at least, while only giving us a fe
  8. Anyone heard back from Maryland Environmental Health?
  9. Nope, nothing. I wonder if they're trying to see who accepts and doesn't so that they can reallocate funding (they're one of those schools with set long-term funding). That being said, has anyone openly been rejected? Cause that could add more context here...
  10. Does anyone who got accepted into the Pitt Epi program know if all candidates have already been chosen? Someone in here mentioned the later deadline and I'm wondering if it's worth applying to since 4-5 (extremely well qualified) folks in this forum alone have been admitted, so I don't want to waste an application fee...I wish schools would close their application once they're full/done with funding considerations rather than say "we cannot promise consideration after X date"!
  11. Congrats on your acceptance! Dr. Jiang He is the department chair so it's nice to be able to work/match with him😀 I guess the silver lining here is there are several other faculty that may take students (with other interests), unless you have inside knowledge on whether all students have already been accepted to put us out of our misery 😬
  12. Congrats to everyone that has recently heard back from the influx of program notifications (acceptances, interviews, and even rejections to at least bring peace of mind). But has anyone heard back from Tulane's Epi PhD program? They've been radio silent and based on one of their Open Houses, it appears they select a small number of candidates and have a 1-on-1 match with faculty, so curious to see if anyone has matched, and with whom!
  13. Rejected from Columbia this one stung more than the others because things looked promising after the interview
  14. CONGRATS!!! This must be a huge burden off you shoulders and a great start to March wooot! Quick question tho since I'm still waiting to hear back: did you interview?
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