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  1. Anyone heard from UMD's HSR PhD program?
  2. Anyone heard back from UMD's HSR Program after interviews?
  3. Yes. Just heard back last night after interviewing with them. It was a rejection.
  4. You are most welcome! And I just followed you back!!!
  5. Of course! I remember how terrible I felt last year and I remember it being so helpful to hear words of encouragement from my friends and mentors.Your husband is really lucky! Most people don't get in on their first try. And I followed you back! Yay to more Public Health Twitter followers!!!
  6. I appreciate how warm and encouraging folks in this forum are! Last year, I was devastated when I was rejected from Every.Single. Program that I applied to. I just wanted to share my experience with everyone, especially those who have not heard from any of the programs they applied to. After receiving all the rejections, I took some time to reflect on ways to improve my application while pursuing other public health opportunities that I was interested in. I ended up consulting for two local organizations in my country on some really cool projects. And fortunately for me, things picked up
  7. *Brown HSR Rejection Email Arrives* Me: Proceeds to unfollow every single Brown HSR-affiliated account on Twitter 😁😅🤣
  8. Of course. Here's what I sent to the program directors: Dear Program Director, I trust you are well. My name is [Rejected Applicant], and last year we spoke because of my interest in the Health Services Research doctoral program at Brown University. About a month ago, I received a rejection notification about my application. In the spirit of feedback for my personal development and career as a future academic, would you be able to share areas where I was lacking in my application, or possibly, how to submit a stronger application for the next cycle? Y
  9. Last year when I applied, I got rejected by all 6 schools. I reached out to BU, U- Mich, and Brown. They all provided feedback. Brown, however, will only provide feedback on your application if you've been rejected from all the schools you applied to.
  10. Nope 😞. Seems like they are on a later schedule. I think decisions might go out by the end of this month given their deadline was Jan 15 2021.
  11. Anyone here apply to Vanderbilt Health Policy?
  12. How did y'all prep for your interviews? I'm freaking out about mine!
  13. Thanks for the outfit tips, folks! I appreciate it!!!
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