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  1. Hi! I can speak to WUSTL, I was one of their finalists this year and from what I've heard each year gets a bit more competitive. Having a faculty mentor already in mind will definitely help.
  2. I haven't heard from Drexel HSR after interviewing in late January! My POI told me that I should hear at some point February....or March if things get truly delayed.
  3. Just received my acceptance to Washu! After a rough morning getting my rejection from Brown, this is quite quite quite exciting!
  4. Yeah...and this is the 2nd year of the program, so it seems like all bets are off as to when we might hear something.
  5. It looks like a lot of schools are trying to move away from the GRE because of the systemic issues/ equity concerns that are brought up with standardized tests generally. That being said.....maybe?
  6. Sending positive vibes and thoughts to both of you!
  7. Thanks! I decided to check the portal just to see if there was an update. I didn't get any email though (at least not yet?)
  8. Officially out at hopkins! I had pretty low expectations and still waiting to hear from 8 other places so I'm taking this a lot better than I thought I might have.
  9. I did! While I don't think its a requirement, by any means, its a nice way to say that you reflected on your conversation and are thoughtfully considering the program. It also lets them know that you think of their time as valuable.
  10. Sending you happy thoughts and positive vibes!
  11. Wow!! I'm also keeping my expectations waaaay low, but thanks so much for the information!
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