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  1. I got an email two days ago for an Emory EPI visit day invite. Haven't heard about BU EPI but from previous years looks like interview invites begin late january/early feb.
  2. Thanks for the update and congrats to those with emory interviews! Waiting anxiously to hear back from the Emory Epi Department and wondering if our visit days are the same.
  3. Also applied and haven't heard back. From previous years, it looks like they don't conduct interviews and send out decisions late February.
  4. Congrats and good luck! Was this the Epidemiology track? I applied to epi PHS and have yet to hear back so wondering if it differs by department.
  5. That's sad to hear since I haven't heard back. I don't get why we cant just be notified with a rejection.
  6. Congrats!! What program was this for?
  7. Has anyone heard from Emory about PhD in Epi?
  8. I submitted the application on 11/23. Undergrad gpa: 3.6 MPH gpa: 3.8 Work experience: almost 2 years as data analyst fellow with lots of research experience 1 first author publication, 4 first author in prep and 4 second author in prep Definitely did not submit my GRE because I didn't do well and took it 4 years ago lmao.
  9. I was accepted to University of Pittsburgh last week and UT Health this week for PhD in Epi.
  10. Has anyone heard from these schools: U of Missouri- Columbia U of Houston U of Oregon U of Rochester
  11. Omg I've been so confused as well. I thought I was imagining things but I know they had more info on their PhD program. Wait what? I got an interview for their PhD program...or so I thought. I haven't gotten the email you're talking about. Exactly, it's so sketch like they're not being clear at all.
  12. I thought their PhD program wasn't accredited by the APA though?
  13. I heard from Mercer on the 20th. I was wondering what you've heard about this program, let me know thanks!
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