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  1. I hope you hear good news! I applied to reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric epidemiology.
  2. Thanks! No info on funding yet, they said that information will come later. From what I've read in past forums and from other students, funding isn't guaranteed but it's rare that a student doesn't get funding. I knew this going in and was fine with it since the research fit was perfect for me.
  3. Finally heard back and got in at UNC Epi!! So excited and will definitely be going there.
  4. Is anyone else waiting to hear back from UNC Epi? They said decisions would be out by the first week of March but I didn't actually think it would take this long.
  5. Hey! I was accepted to the Epidemiology PhD program also a few months ago. I applied for the Austin campus because i was hoping to work with a specific advisor there. However, in the emails they sent, I was assigned a different advisor. I think I'm hesitant because it is a satellite campus. I would also like to hear other peoples thoughts on UT Health since I would love to be in Austin but I'm not confident that I will accept the offer. I also reached out to someone on reddit and this is what they said: Ok, so UT is kind of weird in that it's not a traditional funding situation. Yo
  6. This is the last program I'm waiting to hear from and it's been incredibly difficult. I have no idea if i should start looking for jobs or what..
  7. Haven't heard a thing from UCLA Epi! Also, is anyone else still waiting on UNC Epi?
  8. Congrats!! If you don't mind sharing, which track was this?
  9. Congrats!! That's true - just getting very anxious since it's my top choice and yeah, I've heard funding at UNC is tricky but still very interested!
  10. Hi everyone! I saw a few acceptances from UNC Epi on the results page. Has anyone heard back? I was wondering if you all knew if these come out in waves or all at once? Thanks!
  11. Congrats!!! Was this for epidemiology? I was wondering if interviews are required since I thought they just sent decisions out late feb/early march. Thanks!
  12. For most of my interviews, I was asking the faculty questions rather than them asking me questions. I was wondering if others have experiences this and if it's the norm. I got the sense that they weren't that interested for some reason.
  13. Congrats!! That's so exciting! Do you know if Michigan Epi sends acceptances all at once? Haven't heard back after interviewing a few weeks ago.
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