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  1. Hi! By no means am I qualified to give advice on this as this is my first time applying as well, but I had an interview last week and am happy to share that experience It was relatively conversational, and the program (an Epi program) wanted me to emphasize why specifically that program over all the others is the perfect fit for me (this was asked a few times), how my previous research experiences have prepared me for a PhD, how the PhD will help me in my future goals (they wanted a really concrete answer to this), and also what quantitative training I have. Hope this helps! Trying not to fre
  2. Hi! I am not sure by any means, but I had an interview for the PHS program, and I got the feeling that my interview was for a specific reason. I was also super thrown off when I got the interview because the website said interviews weren't a part of the process. I don't know how their admissions works but I wouldn't overthink it at all because I bet interviews aren't required for admission. Best of luck!!
  3. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows how many people the Harvard PHS PhD program interviews in relation to how many people they accept? Thank you! I hope everyone is managing to somehow stay calm through this anxiety inducing time!
  4. Hi! I am wondering this same question. Did you find out?
  5. Good luck to everyone who has received interview invitations! I hope we all hear back soon!
  6. I am wondering the same thing!
  7. Hi everyone! Congratulations to everyone for making it through submitting our apps! I was recently offered an interview with Harvard for the Population Health Sciences PhD. Does anyone have any advice for the interview? This will be my first PhD interview. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! Good luck to all that applied. Is there a forum for responses for Fall 2021 matriculation? Thank you!
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