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  1. Just got my last decision back (UCLA ID EPI)! 4/4 rejections. Time to start prepping for the next application cycle.. lol As much as it stings, I'm allowing myself just 5 minutes to feel down. To those who are in the same boat, as much as we hate to hear it, it's a pretty random process. On paper, I would have a pretty competitive application (20 peer reviewed articles, several first author publications, 5+ years of professional experience, led some workgroups in collab. with CDC, great LORs, decent grades), but alas it all comes down to right time, right place. 😃
  2. Congratulations!!! And also I just emailed them and they responded pretty quick saying the Epi department will be completing their reviews and submitting their final decisions to the larger school by the end of this week. So just a little bit longer Out of curiosity, @epi2be, did you interview with anyone before receiving your acceptance?
  3. Who else is still waiting on UCLA EPI??? The silence is killing me LOL
  4. Also received a rejection from Harvard PHS. As others, saw it coming but it still hurts a little lol ... I'm still waiting on one at this point. UCLA EPI. Anyone heard anything from them? They have been silent.
  5. May I ask what did you write to these programs to elicit some feedback? Because when I've done that in the past, most of the time they just quote their policy which is not to provide feedback on individual applicants...I only got one program to actually sit down on the phone with me to go over the play-by-play on why they passed on my application, but that was the same program I got my MPH from ... so it was more of a under the table / out of courtesy thing lol 🤣😬
  6. Ahhh that is exciting! I've gotten zilch lollll
  7. Best of luck to us both!! Did you at least get an interview?
  8. Ditto. Rejected from JHU and U of Washington. Still waiting to hear back from Harvard and UCLA. ID Epi tracks. 😬
  9. Also received a rejection last night from Univ. of Washing. PhD in Epidemiology. Though I realized I may have made a big mistake b/c I can't recall if their department had tracks, and I would have applied to the ID EPI track but my application says General Track 😦 Anywho, 2/4 rejections. The other 2 are radio silent. 😬
  10. On the same boat as y'all. I applied to 4. Got 1 rejection, and the other 3 are radio silent. I'll just keep manifesting that I get an acceptance or a last-minute interview invite lol 🥴
  11. I only know about JHU (PhD in Epi) as that is the only program I have heard back from so far. The administrator noted they received over '400' applications. As for timelines, I think most of us are going off of previous years and maybe adding in some lag time b/c of COVID + record number of applications? At least I am
  12. Nope, you should have gotten an e-mail from them saying your applications is complete, etc.. The same one that @ham1just shared
  13. Nope, I submitted it right up to the very end of the deadline (~10 PM on Dec 1st), so they tech reviewed it in less than 9 days? .... pretty reassuring I got a very 'holistic' review
  14. Hahah I'm just more irked that it's highly suspect that they are reviewing applications so holistically. I asked for some clarification from the department, and they claimed 2 faculty did review my application. Apparently, JHSPH Epi PhD received over 400+ applications this year. So best of luck to everyone else. Onto the next one
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