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  1. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Just got an email from Columbia to fill out the FAFSA... lol last year there was a FinAid survey that seemed to go out to everyone, as I evidently got rejected. So wondering if anyone else just got a similar email?
  2. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    I did! And I have heard nothing. Tbh it’s probably my top choice given the potential mentor I identified is doing work very similar to what I want to do!! So the anticipation is kill me.
  3. I think you would need to speak to what experiences you do have in conducting research to speak to your desire in pursuing a PhD to go into a life of research. However, Public Health isn't purely research focused, and many academics go on to work in the field and apply research to the real world. If that is your intention, then say so outright, but speak to how a PhD would help you get to that next step. Always better to address the 'elephant in the room' in your SOP, but then pivot it in a way that still shows your other strengths. Personally, I have 7 years of research experience but a large majority in non-communicable diseases. My passion now is on zoonotic spillover, and so I used my SOP to say while I may have not directly conducted formal research around zoonotic spillover, what my years of experience have taught me is that I do NOT want to continue researching in the field of non-communicable diseases. Sorry for my belated two cents
  4. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    The anticipation is killing me...not to mention I'm checking my e-mail at least 15 times a day...even though I know new e-mails get pushed to my iPhone
  5. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hahaha — man. And that is too funny! Here is to hoping both our pursuits are successful this year
  6. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hey y’all, this is my second time applying (first time I only applied to three programs all on the day of the deadline). Hoping this round is a little more successful. This time I have a very clear focus on what research I would pursue as a doctoral student, and also communicated with professors before submitting my application at the majority of the programs I applied to… Fingers crossed this pans out well this time around. Good luck to all! Undergrad Institution: Top liberal arts school Major: English and Pre-Med GPA: 3.4 Variety of writing awards Grad Institution: Reputable university Grad GPA: 3.7 (worked full time while completing my MPH full-time) GRE: 155V, 154 Q, 5.5 W (most recent) Graduation speaker Work Experience: Three years of clinical research operations experience, moving up to a project manager position most recently A variety of data analytical work through research experience, including phase 0 and 1 clinical trials, epidemiological studies in the global health setting, etc… Publications/Presentations: 10+ published, peer-reviewed papers (a few as first author) Two more manuscripts underway Will be submitting a few abstracts to APHA for the coming year Applied to EPI/Pop Health/Public Health (epi-focused) programs: NYU Columbia Rutgers University Harvard UCLA University of Washington University of Michigan LSHTM (will be applying given how the above may play out) Letters of Rec All recent public health professors, all established individuals in their respective fields. One recently became the dean for a school of public health.
  7. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    LOL, I'm a student there...now I'm curious for curiosity's sake lol
  8. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    Exactly! My one friend (different field of academia) applied to PhD programs three times! She was beyond qualified, but finally the last round she got accepted into an Ivy program with full funding and even managed to win a very prestigious fellowship all at the same time. So I think it just goes back to continue to pursue your dreams and not letting rejections hinder your drive to pursue them. Not yet, she is actually getting back to me. But I took the initiative to enroll in one of those online programs that teaches you Python and you sort of end up with a list of projects at the end. So EDx or Udacity are good examples. Also Codecademy has a good Python class I'm currently taking. I'll let you know! Luckily I'm quite skilled in STATA already from my MPH, but I would say STATA is the easiest among the programs you mentioned. I think EDx may have some course on STATA. If not, you could certainly self teach and use some public dataset.
  9. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    Well my general way of approaching 'failure' in life is to just keep trying, especially when it's something that I'm passionate about. Sure it sucks not getting into any programs this year around, but it's not the end all be all. As for the general tips, it was more specific to my little niche of interest: epidemic modelling. The person I talked to is a prominent modeler in the field, and actually made a great point that most of the schools I applied to don't have any true modelers in their program. Secondly, she mentioned that I should take up computer programming/coding for a year, because modelling involves a lot of coding. She said that would make the world of a difference because it saves prospective PIs/advisers from having to take time away (sometimes almost an entire year) in teaching one how to code/program in R or Python or related programs/consoles. All in all, it just made me realize I should have really found someone who does what I want to do in the future and sort of have them lay out the different skill sets I need to aqcuire or highlight. This is especially true when other pieces of my application were already strong (I have a dozen publications, strong LORS, competitive GRE scores).
  10. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    Oh, my bad, 100% rejected! lol I was expecting it, but I'm not too bummed, I had a great informational interview with someone in my interested field of research who really gave me the direction that I didn't have during this round of applications.
  11. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    Just got my official decision from Columbia - EPI PhD program. Best of luck to all!!!
  12. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    Being a native New Yorker I had some bias towards CUNY...however, CUNY for graduate education is actually quite good, and one of my own professors said not to discredit CUNY on that basis... So if you are working NYC, and you do not want to leave your current job, I would say maybe go for CUNY? But also, it seems CUNY would be a DrPH vs. a PhD, which is also it's own question of which degree you think suits you more in regards to your future career goals/interests/etc...
  13. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    No, hence why I'm 99.99% sure I am going to be rejected.
  14. PhD Applicants Fall 2017

    Nope! Pretty sure at this point it's a rejection, but it would be nice to have that in writing lol
  15. MPH at NYU

    I would say definitely make the switch! When I applied to NYU CGPH, I originally applied to the same track you mentioned, but they then offered to switch me into Global Health (as they were reviewing my application). When in the track I had almost made the switch into Epi, but realized I could take all the classes the Epi students were taking and still pursue the GH track. The reason I stayed in the track is because we have what is called a capstone, which is a year-long project completed in student-led teams...you basically get to act as public health consultants, it's super cool and amazing experience, and I'm in the midst of it all as we speak! I believe the reason why NYU's program is not ranked is because the program is quite new, and so I assume it will be a few more years before its get ranked. Some pros for the future is that they will finally have their own building coming this Fall (I believe), and they may even add a few more concentrations. Like I said, it's very new, and they are cognizant to feedback from students as well as the 'market' and molding the program organically.