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  1. I have emailed them in February and March. Same response..... I emailed them again last week, no response yet. It’s absolutely ridiculous.
  2. Hahaha - Like I said, different field. More in the humanities, where a longer timeline is expected. Most PBH/Epi Phd programs seem to be aiming to get their doctoral students out by 4 years. I remember when talking to a few programs they said if you needed to, you could petition for a fifth year if you needed to collect more data, and they would fund the fifth year if the petition was accepted. Others said it could even be feasible to do it in 3 years, if you play your cards right. I know in the UK most of the PhD programs are 3 years.
  3. The only program i’m waiting on now is Rutgers. 6/7 rejections so far. But surprisingly not crazily bummed. A good friend of mine in another field, applied to PhD programs 3 times. The last cycle she got an 8-year full funding package at an Ivy League! It was her dream program. So I like to think that things work out for a reason, and if you fail the first and even second time (like me) you try again, if this is something you really want!
  4. Rejection. Le sigh, lol. I’m still waiting to hear back from Rutgers-Epi. But it looks like i’ll be reapplying next year. Third times the charm?
  5. Not really sure! I feel like if they were on the committee they would know the outcome of your application... :/ On another note, just got my decision for Columbia Epi track, for those who are waiting to hear back
  6. I’m actually a graduate of their MPH program I know there has been some faculty change (ie new director for the Doctoral program, etc..) So that may be why.
  7. So strange! As I said before, I applied last year and the rejections came in early Feb.
  8. There technically is one for Columbia, if you are reapplying... it would be the same portal they used to send the decisions from the prior year. NYU has no portal, it's an e-mail. Last year the rejections for NYU went out early February, so not sure what is going on this year... :/
  9. We are on the same boat — I haven’t had any interviews either. Some intel I gathered from at least one of the programs is that the GRE scores are making all the difference. So here’s to retaking them ....
  10. For those who were waiting on UCLA -- I just got rejected (le sigh). 3/3 on the rejections - waiting on 4 more
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