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  1. So I'm calculating costs to start graduate school and thinking that I need a new computer, I just don't know which one to get. I want something that is fast, good with multiple apps (PowerPoint, Word, Adobe pdf reader, Gmail, Netflix, YouTube) but also... I think I might want to get the diploma in Cultural Studies, and I would really want to up my game visually and get a Macbook Pro just because of the image, audio and visual quality. However, I also see that it is more expensive compared to other laptops. What other alternatives do I have? I don't have a desktop and my old laptop is prac
  2. I think you should ask for an extension. Be honest and say what you need. Don't fake-commit to a school if you are thinking of accepting those offers, let them know you need two more weeks.
  3. Hey all! Also going to Madison this Fall So exciting! And cheers to one of the best years of our lives <3 It's going to be awesome!
  4. I have a letter from my Program saying that they have recommended me for Admission by the Graduate School, but the Graduate School has yet to send me an official letter offering me admission. Is that normal? I am so worried that something could potentially go wrong! Shouldn't I have like my finalized TA appointment by this point as well or is the letter detailing the ranges of payment for TAships enough at this point?
  5. Just to let you know, I asked today and I found out that if your university is a public university (like mine), the State is not allowed to offer grad students funding for this, unless they are paying for your airfare for you to come do research early or hire you early, which never typically happens for a first-year. So I will be setting up my GoFundMe page soon x)
  6. So basically, I got accepted into my dream school + dream program. They are offering full tuition remission, healthcare + a monthly stipend thru TAships which are enough to get by. However, the first check comes in October and I need to be there by mid-August, get me a new laptop, books and school supplies, as well as pay for a security deposit + two months of rent & food before I see their money. I've figured I will need around 5k to start graduate school. The program I've been accepted to is Gender and Women's Studies. Most of my work and research has been volunteer work and organiz
  7. I am honestly wondering the same thing, and I am moving from out of the country. So according to my calculations I need around 5k to move to the US to start grad school. That's including airfare, two months rent + security deposit (move-in date is August 15th but the first check comes in October), two months food, supplies, books, and a new laptop. I was thinking of making a GoFundMe if I can't raise half of it by May.
  8. Hello, I just got admitted off the waitlist to the MA program at UW-Madison! I already accepted my spot there. Thanks for the support!
  9. I think emailing the chair is fine. One email should do.
  10. You should definitely NOT be asking for more money from a school you already know you may not go to. I would only do ONE negotiation email to my TOP and FIRST choice. Why? Professors will probably have to pull some strings to get you that money. If you're going to decline, the Professor will have gone through that trouble for nothing, and I'm sure that won't put you in a very good position from then on. Even if you don't pick that school, your POI might be someone you may want to work with. Don't get on their bad side just because you want more cash.
  11. This is why I think you shouldn't feel bad. We already know it's not based on merit. My friends who have gone on to do their MA's or PhD's all have two PhD parents who worked at our home University, who knew all the professors since they were in their twenties, so they were always getting the better grades, better jobs, better advisors and, therefore, better LORs. I'm not saying they aren't smart, but I think I'd be at that level too if I had that access to books and critical scientific thinking from a young age. There is a million reasons why graduate schools don't accept students: fundi
  12. Sure. I got an email from the Director of Graduate Studies saying they are short on funding, but that I'm at the top of the waitlist. This means they already sent out admits to a group, they're waiting to hear back and if one of the candidates has alternate plans, they will call people on the waitlist. I don't know the exact rank, they just said "at the top". They also asked to set up a phone interview which will be happening tomorrow. And they said they should inform me of an opening before or by April 15th. I think at this point it would be perfectly okay to call the school and ask the
  13. Hey @Dibenzofulvene I know we were both waiting on UW-Madison. I got an email yesterday saying I'm at the top of the waitlist and they will know if a spot opens up for me on April 15th at the latest. So I don't really know how to feel now, pretty anxious about more waiting time and kind of defeated that I wasn't good enough for the first cut. Sending good vibes <3
  14. Hey everyone. I just got waitlisted for the Gender and Women's Studies MA program at UW-Madison. This is my top choice and the best fit for me out of all the programs I've researched. Please, if you get an admit and are thinking of accepting an offer somewhere else, decline your admit to UW-Madison as soon as possible so a spot can open up for me. <3 I will be forever thankful.
  15. Out of the three, I would say Wisconsin-Madison is your best bet. I spent a year of my undergrad there as an exchange student and got to see first hand the quality of the Department. I was in Gender & Women's Studies so some of our best classes shared the same professors. Also, I would say the campus community in Madison, the student movement and everything going on with anti-racist activism is also a pretty good reason to go there. We are talking about the university made famous by having a "The Problem of Whiteness" class. Their professors are the best of the best, very forward and radic
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