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  1. Yeah no problem. I was in the exact same boat early in June and most of the advice I got was to do a masters. Even my PI from undergrad suggested that I do that. Just don't pay out of pocket/take out loans for a masters! Not worth the debt.
  2. I have similar stats to you (cumulative GPA is 2.66, cumulative chem 2.9 and last 60 units 3.01) but I graduated last year. I've been working for a diagnostics/medical devices company for the past year. I am doing the master's route (also applying to RIT!). As much as I want to show and prove to PhD committees that I am a hard worker, my grades ARE going to hold me back. I've talked to my old REU PI and he was honest with me and told me that with my stats I wouldn't even get into the program (and they're in the top 100...). It was a wake up call that no matter how hard I try to get my app
  3. I have the 1995, 2000, and 2006. PM your email and we can trade 2007 and 1995
  4. By connecticut do you mean UConn? If so, there's definitely a chance you can get in. If your GPA isn't under a 3.0 and you can retake the GRE you should be fine. I did an REU there and was able to get some of the inside scoop for the application process! It isn't a WOW school but it does take its research super seriously. I wanted to apply there but I wasn't interested in being in storrs for 5 years plus the projects didn't interest me that much.
  5. I don't recommend staying at the same institution for a masters and PhD. Both of my PIs from undergrad said that it doesn't really look good doing that (something about being able to work in new environments and such, don't remember since it was a year ago). I'm planning on doing a masters before a phd since my grades were pretty bad. There are a lot of masters at lesser known schools that are funded. I can PM you a list of schools that offer funded terminal master's programs that way you can go to a different school for a phd. As far as masters to phd, there are some schools that might do tha
  6. Hey guys, I'm deciding on what kind of programs I should I apply to this fall (to start Fall 2018) and would like some input on my plan. I've reached out to two PIs from undergrad and they both had different suggestions. Areas of research I am looking into are physical. inorganic, and materials chemistry. PI #1 (from my home institution): apply to funded master's chemistry programs (very limited but include schools such as western Washington, San Francisco State to name a couple) PI #2 (from my REU): apply to lower tier PhD programs. Little bit about me/ my situation: I gr
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