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  1. Farmington, CT

    I'm a little bit confused, because from everything I've seen, West Hartford appears to be more expensive than Hartford. And I do plan on living by myself. From what I can ascertain, it appears 30k is enough to live on your own, but it will be difficult. So if I can find cheaper rent, then that's a huge plus! I also don't have issues living in suburbs. I actually like the peace and quiet, and could always just drive to the capitol if I needed the action, but would actually prefer to live someplace quiet. However, if there are not places to rent (like apartments), then that could pose a big issue. So It also appears I'll have to take my car then. I do plan to travel quiet a bit, from mountains and beaches, to other big cities nearby. Thank you for your input!
  2. So it seems it'd be best to go scout the area around a 1-2months in advance. How long did you spend scouting the area? A few days? A week? Did you guys already call ahead of time and make appointments for looking at rooms at various apartments across town?
  3. Need Advice! Grad School or Job Opp?

    I should mention, the reason I stay isn't really for the company. While I do enjoy it, and the money is nice, I'd leave it in a heartbeat for a PhD. The only reason I'm really trying to defer is just for resume building and the extra money. Again in your situation, that extra money is a lot more crucial. I know a lot of people who have gone into debt from school, and it's not pretty. Right now you're mentally between a rock and a hard place, but if you do leave your job unprepared financially for grad school, then you'll physically be between a rock and a hard place (which is much worse and harder to get out of). I don't know what career you plan on pursuing, but it better have a big pay off with just a Masters (if you're planning on taking out loans). Regardless, good luck on your decision! Hope it works out for you!
  4. Hello everyone, At this point, I think I have a pretty good idea of where I'll probably be going for grad school, it's gotten me thinking about some future planning. As the title states, how early is too early in moving to the location of your grad school, but how late is too late? Now each location/area will be different so I'll give some brief description of my situation. I would be moving basically across the country (West Coast to East Coast), and I'm planning primarily to take clothing, books, sheets and whatnot, some gaming systems, cooking supplies, and potentially a TV. I don't intend to take any furniture. I think it'll probably just be cheaper if I buy some cheap sets when I get to my grad school. Budget is a huge priority for me, so I'm looking basically to find somewhere cheap. I've had issues with upstairs neighbors for sometime, so I'm also looking to get on the top floor of whatever apartment I get into (for this, I am willing to spend a little more for). The school itself is in a rural part of town, but their is a major city (the capitol) that is basically a 10-20 minute drive away. While housing is short in the town, I'm assuming it shouldn't be short in the big city nearby, and it is someplace I'm willing to live in. Finally, I start Fall of 2018 (so I'm assuming sometime in August of this year). I'm not looking for exact dates/times, just a general timeline. I.E. I'm assuming 4 months is too early to move there, but I'm assuming 1 month is too late. I'm thinking it'll take sometime for me to find some place affordable/cheap (especially since isolating my search to top floors of apartment buildings will really limit my options), and then I'll have to move stuff in, spend sometime looking around finding out where the markets are, learning the public transportation system, getting situated into my apartment once I do move into it, etc. etc. etc. all before I start my PhD. It'll also give me time to get to know some grad students, and basically network a bit before I really get busy. Thank you ahead of time as always!
  5. Need Advice! Grad School or Job Opp?

    I got a job when I first applied to schools. I really do like my job and the people I work with, but a PhD is my real goal. I am attempting to see if I can defer however, since by the time I go to school, it'll be less than ~10months, which doesn't look that great on a resume. Plus, this is my only industry job in the field I am looking to go into, so getting that experience and reference is incredibly important. Furthermore, I am told I will be getting a promotion this summer, and this company is pretty generous with their wages, so I am getting some pretty good money coming my way this summer as well. All in all, while I am eager to pursue my PhD, but deferring a year for my career will benefit me both now (money) and in the long run (resume building). All that being said, my ultimate goal is a PhD. So if I cannot defer, then I will choose my PhD over my current job. One final thing to note: For my PhD, I do get a stipend (varies by school), so won't have to pay out of pocket for anything or take out loans (if I spend within the budget provided). So while having plentiful savings is good to have, it is not crucial. For a Masters, savings are crucial unless you want to go into a lot of debt. And student loans stick with you for life. I'd highly look into what @insert Psychologist said. So I think you should take that into serious consideration as well before you pursue your Masters (maybe even don't go even if you can't defer).
  6. Do people actually get off waitlists?

    While I'm not in SPL, I was waitlisted for one of my schools, and did receive an acceptance letter ~2 weeks after my waitlist email. In my instance, one of the faculty members at the school personally arranged some funds for me and got me accepted. The acceptance later basically said if I did accept, I would have to work in his lab due to this.
  7. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Choosing between schools is turning out to be the most difficult decision of my life. There are so many factors, and the worst part is, I have all the pros and cons on a list, but I don't know what I really want. I don't know what I will want 3-4 years down the line, and I don't know which is the best choice. Every single day I go through them over and over again, trying to convince myself of one school over another, and every day I end back up to square one. It's getting to the point that I'm basically thinking of doing a coin toss and going to whichever school it lands on. It's just very frustrating and difficult. Add the fact my girlfriend is trying to transition and accept I'm basically going to be gone for 4-5 years, and this entire process went from exciting prospects to the point where I just want to coin toss and be over with it.
  8. Ames, IA

    Hello, hope there are still some of you on here to help answer some questions. I've googled the city itself extensively, and there is one thing that I am curious about. It appears that the ISU region is pretty cheap, and based off the stipend, there should be no financial problems finding a place to live there without rooming (although it appears room is limited based on some of these posts). It also appears the city itself is pretty quite and devoid of really any "night-life" activities outside of just drinking. Terrain wise also limits stuff like hiking or skiing (no mountains) or any beach activities (no beaches of course), so outdoor activities are limited. The one thing I was looking for at least in a positive light, is the fact that it is a college city. A city populated almost entirely by college students, must have a lot of great parties and whatnot right? Or at least that is my impression. I have an idea of how the city of Ames itself is, but how is the college life? I've never lived in a college city before, so everything I know is simply from my imaginations of what it must be like. Do the students change the "quiet atmosphere" of the rural life/city and reinvigorate the city by their (what I guess I would call youthful) energy, or do they succumb to the quiet rural life, and study and drink, and then go to bed. I don't need a live city, but I do need a live populous. And my impression was, a bunch of 18-23 year old students with a city for themselves, wel... it must be a live populous right?
  9. Farmington, CT

    Hello everyone, So there is a strong potential I am be going to UConn, the Farmington campus at UConn health. I see a lot of posts for the Storrs campus, but none for Farmington. Considering it's a smaller city, but close to the Capital (Hartford), there are a few questions I had about the city. Price of living? From what I can ascertain, it appears the general region of West Hartford all the way to Avon and Plainsville is on the more expensive side. Hartford itself is relatively cheaper, but not by much. Is a stipend of 30,000 enough to live in a 1-bedroom comfortably there? Hartford is cheaper, but there is also a much higher crime rate there. Are there any surrounding areas that are cheaper but still relatively close to the Campus/Hospital and safe? How about public transportation? I will most likely be using that to get around, and depending on how good the public transportation is, it'll effect how far I'm willing to live.Even though Farmington doesn't have much to do, I'm assuming Hartford should/will. Considering the crime rate however, how is the night life/city life over there? E.G. Can one live in the rurals like plainsville but drive over for the night to Hartford for a night of dancing or clubbing? Any information regarding that region would be very useful/helpful. Thank you!
  10. Waitlisting conversation with POI

    Thank you for the reply. My only concern is, if I do ask for an extension from school B or C, will that create a negative impression or have any negative repercussions if school B has offered me say fellowships/scholarships? Will they rescind their offer for these scholarships?
  11. Okay, thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  12. Anyone else felt led on?

    Sadly that is life. Job interviews are the same thing. They tell you they want you, interview goes great and they say they can't wait to get you started. Then a short while later you receive an email saying thank you but the job position is filled. Overall, rejections suck, even if you know you're gonna get rejected (I applied to Harvard with a 3.0 GPA, knew I was gonna get rejected, but it still stung when the email came in). Hopefully you're other schools worked out!
  13. Anyone else felt led on?

    The POI is not responsible for accepting you alone (if she is even part of the committee). There is a graduate committee that reviews applications, gets feedback from the professors who interviewed you, and then makes a group decision on who to accept, waitlist, and reject. There are many reasons why a student might get rejected, and I wouldn't say the PI led you on. It is assumed you understand that this is process, and there is a real possibility you might not get in. They simply informed you they were interested in you and would love for you to join their lab, and IF you got accepted, then you would have to look at the funding package as a factor for your decision.
  14. Hello everyone, So I just received an email from a POI that I interviewed with at a school, regarding their attempts to organize a fellowship for me. However, I am waitlisted at this school. The POI says they and another faculty member who I'm interested in were very impressed, and they would love for me to join their lab. The problem is however, I have been informed that I probably will not hear the results of whether I get in or not from this school, until sometime late April (at which point it is too late to accept any offer from any other school and I'm left hoping I'm accepted via waitlist from this school). The problem is, I don't exactly know how to reply to this email. On one hand, I want to thank them and say I am also interested in both their labs (the POI and the other faculty member), and in the school. On the other hand I also want to tell them being waitlisted is a serious concern for me, and I don't want to put my entire PhD on the line for a risk like this. I have been accepted to other programs, and they are also very appealing. Now I like this school, and this school is actually at the top of my list, but as I stated prior, I don't want to end up finding out I did not get into the program and basically have to reapply again for Fall 2019. I also don't want to just ignore this email. How can I tell them I appreciate the attempt, and would love to go to that school, but also convey that there is a serious concern that I am waitlisted, and that I don't want to throw away all my other offers for a "chance" to go to this school, all without sending the idea I've given up on this school or that I am uninterested, or that their attempts at getting a fellowship for me is useless. Thank you as always!