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  1. Can you please help me out? I recently saw your post while searching for "low GRE acceptances". I am in the same boat, need guidance 


  2. Hey! I am an international applicant with an MBA from one of the best business schools in my country. My grad gpa is 3.4. I have 2+ years of research experience, distinction in my thesis(not published though). I also have professional experience of 1 year as a Coordinator/Senior Office. Profile Summary: GRE: 302 (150Q, 152V) GPA: 3.4 MBA Field of study: Organizational science / organizational behavior / IO Psychology / human resources Please suggest some colleges on the basis of my profile. I know my gre is too low but assuming i won't be able to improve it this year, please suggest some colleges for this GRE
  3. Hey everyone! First, a little about my background: I am from a middle-class family in developing country (Pakistan). However, I am extremely ambitious. Contrary to the norm, I completed my MBA from a top-ranked institute in my country. I have a bachelors and masters degree in business (Marketing). 3.41 CGPA in MBA 302 GRE Score (150Q, 152V, 4.5 AWA) 2.5 to 3 years of marketing / research experience 2 thesis projects on marketing (not published yet) Now, I am extremely motivated to do my PhD in Marketing from US. However, I am unable to find a program relevant to my profile. I have GRE score which needs improvement but I don't think my current circumstances will allow me to retake the GRE as my job is too demanding and I can't afford to leave it. Instead, please help me find universities/programs that are less competitive and can be within reach with the current profile. Best,
  4. Hey everyone! I am an International applicant with a non-US Masters. I have an undergrad degree in Business with an MBA. However, my research interest and work has been related to I-O Psychology. I wanted to know if I am eligible to apply for PhD in I-O Psychology after an MBA degree?
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