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  1. Hello! Will be attending CMU for Masters in Environmental Engineering this fall. Anyone accepted yet?
  2. You're welcome! All the best.
  3. Admission to Berkeley is more competitive than Stanford for EE, if that matters. They're both brilliant but you must find out which is a better fit. Take a long look at the courses and curriculum and see which one(or both) offer exactly what you want to specialize in. Same with faculty. Berkeley would be less expensive compared to Stanford and the probability of receiving funding is also higher. I've heard Berkeley is a diverse and fun atmosphere, but that doesn't mean Stanford isn't. Both great choices, see which one works better for *you*. I would vote for Berkeley. Good luck!
  4. They're both great programs, but I would recommend Berkeley and in general Cali for anything renewables-related. Good luck!
  5. NCSU. Unless money is not a factor and you want to have a no-fuss, coursework-based masters experience surrounded by mostly internationals. If you want more research opportunities, decent-if-not-comparable job options and a more diverse environment, go to NCSU.
  6. STEM has its benefits and CMU's EST&P program is quite popular. Not really heard much about the UCSD program. Define some factors according to which you need to decide, like costs, courses, faculty, location etc. You'll be able to take courses on energy and environment as well as analytics at CMU. They're pretty flexible. I'm not aware of UCSD's curriculum. Take a good long look at the two programs and what they offer and then make your decision. I would vote for CMU, but I'm a little biased. Good luck!
  7. Either UTA or UIUC, can't go wrong with either. UTA will work out cheaper probably unless you are given a full tuition waiver at UIUC. Look at the courses offered and the curriculum and see which one is a better fit. I know people who went to both places and everyone is equally happy. Also, UTA will be warmer than UIUC. Can't comment on point 5. Good luck!
  8. Hello! Though the obvious choice seems to be Stanford, let's analyse the two. Important question: have you been admitted to the 2 year program or 1.5 year program at CMU? If the latter, I would recommend Stanford without a doubt. CMU for non-CS fields isn't as great, so I've heard from alumni. I do however know a guy who went there for mechanical, realized there isn't much scope, and took on robotics courses in the second semester, got a summer internship in Japan and did REALLY well. Since you are interested in robotics, it seems like a great option. As far as admissions go, it is definitely less competitive and prestigious than Stanford. Aforementioned guy didn't have a very impressive profile. Stanford on the other hand definitely has a better reputation for non-CS fields and historically has had better employment of mechanical students. You'll also have access to a variety of AV and related startups in the bay area. AI and/or robotics are important skills to master these days along with your core interest, and I'm sure either college will be great for that. If costs aren't much of an issue and you're more inclined towards research, Stanford should be the way to go. Good luck!
  9. Hi! UCSB is pretty cool in environmental and related subjects. Yale is, of course, Yale. It all boils down to what you're looking for. Take a good, long, analytical look at the type of courses/research opportunities offered. Do they cover what you want to specialize in? Are the GIS courses at SB better and more varied than those at Yale? Does either offer more applied/project-based courses? Where do you have more freedom to choose? Since you are more inclined towards research than coursework, does UCSB offer more credits in exchange for research or does Yale? Also, is that a MA+PhD program at SB? If yes and if you're sure about staying in academia and doing a PhD, that will definitely make life much easier. Then there are the non-academic factors: weather, quality of life, expenses(has either offered you funding?) etc. I don't think you would go much wrong with either choice, but do consider how well you fit into the department along with prestige. Good luck!
  10. I feel I am! I'm just worried I'm rushing things out of impatience, coz I've been waiting quite a while now. It's not so much about the VISA process, it's more of just getting this settled. It's been a long wait. But then, I guess if I've waiting this long I could probably wait another couple of weeks. Meh.
  11. Hi! I received an admit from CMU for Masters in Environmental Engineering in early Feb (with ~50% funding for the first year) and have been pondering over it since. I've been waiting for the other important decisions i.e. UIUC and Georgia Tech, but I've pretty much zeroed in on CMU coz of the courses. However, common consensus states I should take UIUC without a doubt if I get it as its awesome. As an international, an early decision will help me start the VISA process sooner. Should I wait for the supposedly better schools or go for the one that seems like the best fit? I could really do with some opinions. Any other useful information about CMU is also welcome! Thanks!
  12. Aradhana94

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Hi there! Have you decided on CMU for CEE? Are you a masters or PhD student? I'm planning to accept CMU for the same subject, masters!
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