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  1. Hello Everyone, I thought of waiting it out with fellow applicants for this program. How are you guys waiting the decision out? Honestly, I hope I get into this program because its my top choice.
  2. I believe he just informed you the unofficial result of your application albeit tacitly and hopes to work with you. So, I believe you will be admitted into the program. Best Wishes!
  3. My $0.02 is that you should go with McGill because you have got some financial support and an opportunity to write a thesis. Hopefully, a combination of good GPA, LOR, Research Papers could land you in your desired PhD program in the U.S.. Best Wishes!
  4. Sorry about that. I hope Manitoba comes through for you. I'm waiting for three schools; Kansas State University, University of Rochester and Florida International University. Hopefully, decision comes in the coming week. Best Wishes!
  5. Mail the Program director and copy the department with regards to funding options. You can also contact POIs to know if there are RAs positions available with them.
  6. Which program did you applied for? I got into the Biology program at Cleveland State University. Hope other Apps come through!
  7. @Venomeadow Please, did you apply for MS or PhD Biology at KState? What's your track? I'm also waiting for the decision from KState. My track is GCDB! This waiting can be frustrating!
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