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  1. I'm currently doing Master's in Biomedical engineering (thesis in neurophysiology lab) and I'm considering a phd for neuroscience. What kind of jobs do people get after finishing up phd in neuroscience (other than academia/teaching jobs)? I know most people who are doing PhDs are aiming to stay in academia and I hope the same for myself, but I know that oftentimes things don't work as planned. (I'm kind of paranoid about having a backup plan when things don't go as planned cuz my previous plan 'failed' and I was forced to change my career.)
  2. I wasn't an engineering major in college but I'm going to grad school in engineering. I took a few deficient pre-req courses (all math classes) in the local community college. I'll be submitting the transcript to the grad school before the start of the school year. They specifically said that it is highly recommended that I should take these courses before matriculation. For summer, I'm currently taking engineering courses in a state college (different college) that is potentially gonna help me in grad school. I learned that it is NOT necessarily a pre-requisite... from the
  3. I got into UCLA, UC Irvine, Rutgers, BU, JHU, and Duke and.. I decided to attend JHU! I guess I will see you there @BME_Engineering Towards the end I was choosing between Duke and JHU. It was a REALLY hard decision for me. I visited both schools and I definitely liked Duke campus and its neighborhood a lot more than JHU. However, there were no funding/scholarships whatsoever. I would've chosen Duke if they provided me with some scholarships.... :/ but they said none. (I already have my undergraduate loan sitting on my shoulders... so $$$ was a major factor.) Like l
  4. Have you guys decided on which schools to attend? @scared @mungbean_ @BME_Engineering @lafry @DCap Just wondering :S
  5. I think they release results around the end of this week or early next week. I've searched postings about Stanford bioE and they all seem to have come out around 3/30 for past couple years. I called Stanford to confirm too and they said they will probably get the results this week. So... anytime now or soon!
  6. I don't really know any more details about the program because I didn't apply for CBID and only asked a couple questions about it. It says on the website that it is non-research based program. I believe what it means is that it is rather a project-based. It says "students work with physicians to identify problems and then design and build products to solve these problems" and "interact with clinical and corporate sponsors." It focuses on building/designing a product and commercialization. Also, I believe the curriculum for CBID is already set and you don't really have a list of electives to
  7. Update on my status Accepted to Rutgers for M.S. in BME today Rejected from UCSD for M.S. in Bioengineering yesterday.. first rejection of the season Still waiting for Stanford, UCLA, UC Irvine
  8. I don't think there is a "massive" difference. I believe a lot of people with MS still join the industry. I think M.Eng. is just more practical with business coursework, etc. while MS is more academic. I would never think that they teach you less for MS compared to MEng
  9. Okay, so.. I didn't really get to visit JHU this week. I called the program manager and he said not to drive all the way there just to ask him some questions and tour around. I agreed that it would be more worth my 6-hr drive if i have other appointments (appointments with professors? or labs? possibly) set up. So, I think I will visit after I talk to some people there. However, I was on the phone with the program manager for 40 minutes, asking him my list of questions and.. here are some things I found out about JHU! Tuition for 1st year: As you probably read from the acceptan
  10. Thank you all for sharing!! I live relatively close to Baltimore (a little less than 3 hr drive) so I'm planning to pay a visit to JHU sometime next week. They don't have campus tour or visiting days so I will just have to look around myself and ask them some questions about the program. I will update you with the things that I find out. @BME_Engineering I did not get funding for JHU or Duke, but I did for BU. I'm looking at industries as of now but I don't know how my plans will change. @DCap I don't know much about CBID program, but I can ask some questions about it when
  11. I haven't heard back anything yet.... not sure if it is a silent rejection or not
  12. Hey guys! Like I mentioned in the "Masters Applicants for Fall 2018" thread in Waiting It Out Forum, I have created a thread for BME/Bioengineering people! Even though I have not received all the results back from schools, I probably should start researching into the schools I got accepted to make a wise decision! This thread is to share and exchange information about BME/Bioengineering programs of different schools. I will try my best to gather information about schools, using all my resources (internet, friends, visiting campus) and update this thread. And... I would greatl
  13. I see the thread got a lot longer than I first expected. Nice to see a lot of Master's applicants !!! I haven't really been keeping up with the posts as the thread starter. So, here's an update! I, too, just got accepted to JHU! I have Duke, BU, and JHU and I am not sure which one would be best for me. If anybody has extra info about the schools (labs, neighborhood, curriculum, school atmosphere, etc), let me know as well! maybe I should start a thread about choosing schools for BME in the Decisions forum and we can start discussing there without making this a decisions thread.
  14. Thank you for all your posts! Seems like a lot of you are still waiting on most schools.. like me It just turned February so hang in there and let's keep each other updated....!
  15. I just wanted to make a thread for Masters applicants for Fall 2018. I see a lot of posts are for PhD applicants but not really Masters! Where did you guys apply? What kind of programs did you guys apply for? Have you heard back from any of them yet? Let's talk while waiting for the results =] Here's a little bits of how I'm doing: Field/Program: Biomedical Engineering, M.S. and M.S.E. Schools: UCLA, UCSD, UC-Irvine, Duke, Rutgers, Boston, Johns Hopkins Status? Haven't heard anything back yet... Although I was contacted by one of the professors from UCL
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