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  1. Hey, thanks for asking! I think im pretty much decided for JHU. I'm more inclined to do research but i 'm worried that im not suitable for it. So the second year of JHU program will let me figure that out...plus i have heard good things about their courses. Columbia doesnt have the labs/research focus that im interested in. And duke is very expensive, plus it's spending /funding on biomed research is way less than JHU (according to a friend who went to JHU so he could be biased haha) And the most puzzling school for me was USC...they still have not got back to me (ignored all my ema
  2. Hi friends! Did anyone hear anything from Stanford? Have been waiting for a long time now
  3. Hi guys, thanks so much for your information! I got into Duke, Columbia and JHU. I did my undergrad in Canada so i dont know too much about the schools in the States. But I'll share my thoughts Duke: the program is less research focused (please correct me if i'm wrong). Columbia: wasn't too interested in the labs...the research topics weren't very broad. but their ECE department has some labs do very impressive bio-related research JHU: according to the someone i know who went there, classes there are pretty high quality. and we will also be getting a full year to do research
  4. Hiii I just got accepted into Johns hopkins BME as well also waiting for Stanford but it's my reach school so im not too hopeful
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