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  1. Yes I am attending Duke! It really wasn't a difficult decision for me. Duke is super industry focused, which is the reason I'm attending graduate schools. It's also has a very lively school population, which is what I love. I visited a couple of weeks ago, and here is what I learned: The BME department is super close, like a family! The classes are difficult but most have many projects that you get hands-on experience with, which are meant to be able to put these many projects on your CV for internships and jobs later on. They really want you to succeed! The campus is also absolutel
  2. Was just accepted to University of Washington's MS in Bioengineering Program!
  3. Hello! I wanted to open this back up for 2018! I am attending Duke for a BME Master's in the fall and am currently looking for apartments. My main questions are: 1. How do people go about finding grad student roommates? I'd prefer not to live alone, but I don't know anyone else in the area. 2. Which areas/complexes are the best for graduate students? I've currently been looking at the area north of Erwin road, since its the closest (0.5mi) to the BME buildings and I can walk to class. However, I am not sure if it is full of undergraduates or is the safest. The other areas are
  4. Thanks for creating this!! I didn't actually apply to JHU's BME MS program... but I'm pretty similar to @scared in that my main two school's I'm looking at are UMich and Duke. However, I'm pretty set on Duke since its more prestigious and better weather than UMich! I am visiting Duke in a couple of weeks, so if you have questions about it, let me know!! I've also visited UMich a few years ago. so here are my thoughts [sorry in advance that I have so many lol]: UMich: Not as prestigious, but the main thing is that is is Public, which can make a huge difference in the atmosphere. It is larg
  5. @scared congratulations! It looks like we have been accepted to similar schools. How are you going to make your decision? I know UMich and Duke both have strong programs... Duke was my first choice but I don't want to rule any programs out just based on rankings...
  6. I have just been accepted to University of Michigan's BME MS program! Excited! So now, I have heard positive responses from USC, Duke, Northwestern, and University of Michigan. Still waiting on UCLA, Purdue, and University of Washington. Looks like my decision will be harder than I thought!
  7. Yes I believe they do a rolling admission... But I can't say for sure. I also submitted mine in early December, which I guess led me to have an earlier acceptance. However, I do know they have the admitted students welcome day march 23rd, so they've gotta accept/reject everyone by then. I got an email after my acceptance that said May 15th is the deadline.
  8. Just accepted to Northwestern's BME (biomedical engineering) MS program! Have now been accepted to from 3 programs: Northwestern, Duke, and USC Still waiting to hear back from UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Washington, and Purdue Duke was my top choice (ranked higher), but Northwestern is also a great school. Do you guys think Northwestern is worth visiting? I am planning on attending Duke's admit day on April 6th, but Northwestern's deadline to respond is March 23rd. Any advice on what to do? Much help appreciated!
  9. Also just accepted to Duke! Very very very excited as they are my first choice Feeling so relieved and not even anxious about waiting to hear back from the others! Best of luck to the rest of my BME's out there!!
  10. @mungbean_ me too! do you mind posting your profile? Also, I wouldn't worry too much about it; I think USC just admits as they read your applications, and I submitted mine in early December, well before their deadline!
  11. @scared My stats are: Bioengineering B.S. at top public school GRE: 160v/168Q/5.0 GPA: 3.75 (major), slightly lower overall 2 years research on campus, 1 research internship at major hospital, senior design project no publications, but hoping my 3 good rec letters make up for it! I was also worried I didn't apply to enough safety schools - then I was accepted to USC so it calmed me down! Applied: UCLA, USC (accepted), JHU, Duke, Northwestern, UMich, Purdue, U Washington What do you guys think?
  12. I have been accepted to USC BME! I didn't apply to UCSD, so i'm not sure what their timeline is. However, by the looks of it on the results pages Duke and UMich don't notify until march... so I'm guessing same with UCSD, since they are all top programs. I have not heard back from any other programs yet (UW, UCLA, Northwestern, Purdue, JHU), though. I will keep my earlier post updated though!
  13. Hello! Field/Program: Biomedical Engineering, MS Schools: UCLA, USC, Duke, Purdue, University of Washington, University of Michigan, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins Status?: Accepted to USC! Yet to hear back from anywhere else
  14. Thanks for the information! They had mentioned that they would let everyone know of their final decisions, so I'm a bit bummed they didn't even contact me officially to let me know I wasn't invited to interview. Do you mind me asking when your interview was? Best of luck to you!
  15. I woke up early on a saturday and checked me phone to see an email saying to check the status of my application, and I saw I was accepted! The email was sent at 2:30am so it was very strange, but still relieved at my first grad school acceptance!
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