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  1. Would love to hear more about the funding structure at SEAS! I attended an offline meeting with an admissions officer from SEAS and he said people didn't get funding info in the acceptance letters can lobby professors during campus visit -- funding decisions will not settle until campus visit.
  2. Got it. Thanks! Mine is complete, too!
  3. Thanks! It shows that my application has been "submitted". Does your applyweb show "completed"?
  4. Did you receive anything from Stanford CEE? I saw your post under other topics. I haven't received anything and don't know if my application is complete or not.
  5. Thanks for your answers! The admissions officer said I would not receive the email invitation until my payment is successfully completed. I don't know why my payment has not completed yet. My bank account shows that money has been transacted. The officer said it is fine to complete the interview after the deadline.
  6. I applied for Yale, SEAS Michigan, and Bren UCSB. What does the Yale interview look like? I haven't received the invitation yet. Feel stressed about it.

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