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  1. The invitation to Visiting Day was given in the unofficial admission email.
  2. Thank you for your information! I applied for MS program at UCB so I guess they are sending out MS decisions very soon.
  3. Stanford sent out a bunch of admission for MS (Structural) on Feb 15. Don’t know about Environmental though.
  4. Has anyone received official acceptance letter from Purdue? I received an email invitation to Open House from Jennifer Ricksy (Program Coordinator) 10 hours go, but I did not even receive an informal notice from the department or something like that. I don't even know if they admit me as PhD student or MS student, not to mention that I obviously know nothing about funding. The whole application experience at Purdue CEE is a mess, the coordinator was nice over the phone but she never really explained away your confusion. Does anyone have the same situation? :( I'm probably not gonna accept the offer, since obviously the Purdue CEE department really lacks funding (just like Gtech lol). They told me over the phone that only about 35 percent PhD student receive funding in their first year, and overall only roughly 65 percent PhD students are funded. It's so hard to believe that such a large percentage of PhD students in Purdue paid for thier whole education throughout the PhD program.
  5. Did you apply for MS or PhD? I applied for MS but haven't heard anything yet. I called them last week and they said they were planning to send results in late Feb or March.
  6. Congratulations! Could you tell me more about Stanford? Do you know if they hold interviews for MS (with a goal of PhD) applicants?
  7. Ur welcome. Mine also says submitted, it’s in the checklist that you can see your application status, and mine shows complete.
  8. No I haven’t heard anything from Stanford. I think you can check on applyweb to see if your application package is complete or not.
  9. USC. I only got two interviews and both of them are from USC. Good luck with all the applications!
  10. Hi, I'm applying to several programs (mainly in structure track), and for those programs which consider Ph.D. applicants for MS admission, I chose Ph.D. program in the application. I've only got two interview invitations from the same institution, and other than that, all I received are some emails informing that my application is complete. I am posting to see how is it going for other applicants. Not knowing where I am at is kinda scary. Post here if you'd like to share.
  11. Sorry ? I just searched keywords for aim schools, didn't really go to the first page.
  12. Did anyone apply to CEE at Stanford/Berkeley/Gatech? I've been wondering if it is normal to have received nothing yet. I'm applying to MS btw.
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