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  1. cbpham

    Berkeley Financial Aid

    Did they bring that up to you? My program is only a single year.
  2. cbpham

    Berkeley Financial Aid

    I was admitted into the Civil Engineering MS program and am really excited, but the cost of out-of-state tuition and housing is crazy. Is there any ways to obtain something like a tuition waiver or scholarships and fellowships for UCB or California schools?
  3. Berkeley is going to be pricey since I'm from another state.. that's awesome for you though!
  4. Quick update: I was just notified by email about getting accepted into Purdue!
  5. There's the open house for admitted applicants on 4/1!
  6. I just received a letter of recommendation for admitted today! I wasn't expecting that after hearing you've gotten it over a week beforehand. This is crazy.. I didn't expect to get in.
  7. Anyone hear anything back from UCB, Purdue, Washington, or OU for MS in Structures? I've gotten acceptances from TAMU and UH and a rejection notice from UT.
  8. Sorry for the delay but a Masters!
  9. While I didn't apply for environmental engineering, I received my acceptance letter from Texas A&M for structures on 1/15.

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