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  1. same boat as many others- got admit but 0 funding...wondering what to make of it? And someone asked - yes I'm thinking of moving with family.
  2. yep me too - are you under the Mason program too? Did you hear about funding?
  3. how do you know if you have no aid? Is this because you received a mail saying you did not get aid or because you got no email at all? I'm an MC MPA Mason admit - but have not heard regarding aid, from the email mentioned in my offer.
  4. did all with an MC MPA Mason admit hear back on funding yet? I haven't yet...would that mean anything?
  5. In at Harvard too MC MPA...waiting on fin aid decisions
  6. I'm plugging out...it will be what its going to be.. good luck everyone. Hope the wait is about to end soon.
  7. yes disappeared from mine too
  8. Very confusing place to be in for international students - particularly I'm planning to travel with family which includes kids. Just don't know what we are heading towards.
  9. Yes that I will be too. the state of admission limbo will come to an end . And then will start the next state of limbo - in-person classes or not? What about everyone? Do you have any visibility on this?
  10. Whoa - I cannot access the one that is related to the course I applied for - can access links 2,4 which are unrelated to my application.
  11. not to be a damper here - but what if after all this we get no announcement today? how would you guys handle that? it would be crazy for me, for sure!
  12. yes they really make us dig up info
  13. @CAKHKS79 looks like your theory was right... and I truly hope it is. still there is no word on the blog, no warning, no heads up I hope it means this is the end of the waiting tunnel - my whole day has been pretty much wasted and I may not be able to afford another such day next week!
  14. I see updates in the red box on the right in my myfaid portal.
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