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  1. I have been accepted to the Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) PhD program at Carnegie Mellon and the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) Masters/PhD track at Berkeley, both fully funded with similar stipends. I am interested in researching how policy can influence the effect that renewable energy integration has on the power grid and electricity markets, with a focus on real world applicability. Both seem like great programs and I have no idea how I can decide between them. Any thoughts?
  2. Still waiting to hear back from MIT SES, but I think it will be between Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon. Not sure which one yet - I am visiting each in the next few weeks, so hopefully that should help.
  3. Don't read too much into this (its not over until its over, right?), but during my interview I got the impression that they were interviewing everyone on their 'shortlist' for the ERG program as a whole. In any case, I think you should hear back in the next week or so. Good luck!
  4. Yes, I will be going to the visit/interview day! Are you planning to? Also, what is your focus area in? Mine is energy systems. A few other people mentioned this on the results page, but I am interested to see how many people are there (potentially indicating our chances?).
  5. anyone applying for fall 2018? I got invited to an interview/visit day in the beginning of march, but I'm not sure what that means for my chances. anyone else?
  6. Hello, I applied to Master's/PhD track for Berkeley ERG, had an interview on 1/30, and was accepted to the combined track on 2/6. They mentioned that they are still finalizing their list and plan to send decisions out approximately the last week of February. I was also accepted to Carnegie Mellon EPP on 1/18, though I don't know anything about their timeline for sending out the rest of decisions. Hopefully that is helpful, let me know if anyone has questions.
  7. yeah. I applied for the masters/phd track, had an interview 1/30, and was accepted on 2/6. they said that they have a short list and are hoping to make final decisions for the rest of applicants by the last week or so of February. I was also accepted to Carnegie mellon EPP on 1/18, but I don't know anything about their plan for sending out decisions.
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