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  1. I'm not going to am studies either, but women's, gender and sexuality studies. I visited the program the other day and the fit really seems perfect, along with their offer. I think I'll be really happy there. I would love to hear about how all of your decision-making processes are going, now that april 15 is so close. What are the big things you're considering when choosing between programs? How were your visits? What has excited you about particular programs?
  2. Rejected from santa cruz so i'm going to stony brook! i went to their admit day wednesday and absolutely loved it. i think i'll be really happy there. Thanks everyone for all the support along the way.
  3. @Yanaka Congrats on your masters acceptance! It seems like a WGS certificate would be perfect for your interests. Certificates show a specialization that could help you do your work, teach classes in WGS, and get a position teaching in a WGS department. It's not necessary for any of these things, but it helps. As for cons, one i can think of is that you have to take a certain amount of classes, so that could prevent you from taking other classes you're interested in. Because you're also planning on doing a phd, i suggest considering geting the grad certificate in wgs during your phd. Tha
  4. where is santa cruz!!!!?????? im gunna be very old by the time i hear back from them
  5. @kguptaa thanks for the info! i hear its so gorgeous there. @shrimble thanks for the congrats and good luck with rutgers.
  6. Thank you both! That was very helpful @hj2012. I've been offered a stipend that requires I work as a TA, RA, or graduate assistant. I don't know if it would be for the department or an individual professor. I have some meetings coming up with professors for whom I'd be interested in working as an RA, and they said they'll tell us about "research opportunities" at admit day, so we'll see!
  7. Does any1 have any insight into what a research assistantship would be like in a women's and gender studies department? I don't know much about RA positions in general.
  8. Has anyone gotten a rejection from santa cruz or ucla yet? imagine i put a sleeping emoji here
  9. @MickeyRay maybe to keep people interested and not lose applicants who may otherwise think they've been rejected for people who want to know about stony brook, I just got my formal fellowship offer in the mail today. i haven't gotten the general formal letter of offer yet, as I assume I will get something else.
  10. Thanks for sharing @gradschoolgal. I understand why you're so concerned about going there. I would be too. It's absolutely a red flag to me. It's really alarming, frankly, that so many faculty of color left or were forced out in the past 20 years. What was pushing them out? The complaint tells us - race and ethnic discrimination, gender discrimination, and a race hostile work environment. I just read a good deal of the complaint and it shows a clear history of racism and sexism at michigan and within the american culture department specifically.
  11. I think it's at least partly because so many problems and scholars can fit under american studies, so there is such a large number of applicants to the top programs. So they can really cherry pick the most qualified candidates. And they take such few students. And, as NoirFemme said, there's no way of knowing what they want. the field is so broad, its like my project isn't even on the same map as some of the other projects I've seen in american studies.
  12. @radicule I wouldn't worry! Official letters can come weeks and weeks after the unofficial acceptance, from what i've seen. i received an unofficial acceptance february 1, and still have not received the official letter! On my end, I just learned the other day that I received a fellowship stony brook nominated me for. I'm so thrilled. In addition to boosting my stipend, it alleviates my teaching responsibilities for the fifth year, and gives me a generous stipend for that year. It's my only acceptance so far - shows you just need one!
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