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    coffee, tea, stars, sleeping, Pokémon GO, The X-Files, taking walks, Ultimate Frisbee, knitting, cooking, music, headphones, protesting and organizing, ruminating, my friends and family
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  1. @megalomaniac Yes! Heading there for a PhD in WGSS. What about you?
  2. @seung I've also been somewhat surprised that I have hardly heard anything from my program (admitted & accepted). I did go and visit, during which time they outlined their expectations for our attendance at orientation in the Fall, answered our questions, introduced to current students, etc. But since that time (early March), I haven't heard anything at all. I feel like this is normal, but I'm First Gen and so I have to admit that actually I have no idea. It sounds like you're feeling anxious, Seung, waiting for the department to get in touch. I know I am! I should add that my
  3. For those who use Evernote, I've found that Scannable is a brilliant companion app for smartphones. It uses your camera to snap images of post-its, flyers, handwritten notes, and other documents that you want to immediately convert to jpg or PDF and saves them automatically to your Evernote account. You can specify a default save folder on Evernote, share docs with others, save to your phone, etc. On my computer, I really like SuperNotecard for brainstorming and organizing ideas for papers. It's similar to Trello, but for some reason I could just never get on board with Trello (maybe the
  4. If such a forum existed, I would join it! p.s. I reckon you'll continue getting voted down on posts like this because it might be perceived as generating competition with this site and I doubt moderators like that.
  5. Hey! 1) I had a horrible (not "horrible," but horrible) GRE score. The program I got into doesn't look at GRE scores. w00t. 2) I wrote a thesis for my MA program, part of which I used for my writing sample. I think that probably made me look good? 3) By seminars, do you mean conferences? I was lucky in my MA program in that I presented at several conferences and also helped organize a couple. For the program I was accepted to, I believe this looked good, as they seem to value engagement with others in the field (which tends to happen at conferences). 4) I think I had
  6. Context: I'm on a year-break between my MA and PhD. Lost someone close to me in the middle of my MA program-- that it threw me for a loop is an understatement. But I finished the program and then was shocked to find that I got into a PhD program. "Super anxious" is an accurate description. I think I will get more excited as I learn more about the specific classes I'll be taking (seeing reading lists, syllabi, etc.), getting to know faculty and students, and so on... But right now I am extremely anxious. Worried about moving to a place where I know zero people, far away from all my family
  7. This is such a great question, I have received many different answers to it when I have asked professors, colleagues, etc. Thank you for posting it here! Accommodating your habits (i.e. Know Thyself) seems to be really key for a lot of people I know who write, especially academic writers. The two most productive writers I know have cited a) abiding by a daily writing schedule (tailored to their own habits) and b) small working groups that help hold them accountable as two factors that significantly contribute to their productivity. Maintaining a schedule really seems to require discipl
  8. To be fair... I'll be going to school on the West Coast for my doctoral program, so maybe things are more laid back there. But in my field you would definitely get social bonus points for skating!
  9. @shadowclaw Thank you for all your advice, I appreciate your taking the time to share! I'm glad to hear that there are places with smaller units, because what I've seen online is quite discouraging. Not only are they bigger (and thus probably noisier) places, but they're certainly not as nice as I'd hope they'd be for their price. I've hardly seen any one-bedrooms for less than $800.
  10. Hey, thanks for helping revive this thread! I keep looking online at rentals and striking out, in terms of pricing alone. I'm hoping that when I go for a visit, I can check places out in and around Corvallis. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Philomath, it is hard to get an impression from Google Earth alone! I would love to be able to commute by bike; I've heard Corvallis is a very bike-friendly city.
  11. One of my coworkers just recently told me that she went for her PhD in her mid-50s. So I guess you could say "43 isn't older." But I wouldn't say that because each of us experiences ageism differently and pursuing different degrees at different ages is obviously very subjective. Some people told me they were glad they waited until they were 30 to do a Masters or PhD. I was one of the oldest people in my MA program, and although nobody in my program treated me differently or discriminated against me in any way, it was outside the program that I experienced negativity being 'old' and doing my MA
  12. When I started my MA program, I had no funding, but after one semester I was awarded a half-time GAship. The following year I had a full-time GAship and was awarded several (small) scholarships. The GAship included a tuition remission, which obviously cut way back on my student loans. All that to say, maybe ask about what could be offered down the line? I was pretty assertive about the GAships; I straight up asked them, What do I need to do to get one of these? And they were forthcoming with me, so perhaps these programs would be forthcoming with you.
  13. I'm wondering when to break the news, too... I was accepted into a doctoral program for fall. When I interviewed for the full-time job I have now (which is boring but pays quite well and has great benefits-- one must wonder why I'm leaving it...), I did mention that I was thinking of applying to PhD programs. Three months later, I applied to a few programs, assuming I would be rejected from all of them. I was pretty astonished to find out I've been accepted to my first choice. I haven't told a soul at work, and I don't know if I should wait until the official acceptance deadline pas
  14. I am mostly likely going to be moving to Corvallis in the fall (2017), and I'm pretty excited for it! I've never been to Oregon, but everyone says it's beautiful if you don't mind rain. I would really rather not have a car, so does that mean I'm stuck paying too much for rent? Corvallis is significantly more expensive than mid-Michigan...
  15. I have frequently found that a major reason white people in EL are afraid to live in (or even travel to) Lansing is because Lansing has a proportionally greater number of Black people living there. i.e. racism. That being said... The more EL folks who move to Lansing to commute to EL, the more gentrification will become a problem in Lansing. It is already happening in certain areas. So you may want to keep your newfound neighborhood on the DL...
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