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  1. Turned down the admissions offer today because of lack of funding. Hopefully those awaiting decisions will hear good news soon.
  2. You need to log in to your original application. But you should have gotten an e-mail with an "Application Status Update" subject line. If not, perhaps your decision hasn't been released yet.
  3. Admitted here as well! So excited!!!
  4. LOL Agreed. Pre-weekend they said decisions would come out today, but now they've decided to delay? I guess I can stop checking my e-mails for today.
  5. Yes, it was stated directly in my admission e-mail/letter that I wasn't awarded funding. If it doesn't say that in your letter, then perhaps you will get some funding. G'luck.
  6. Yeah, I was accepted on the 24th too with no funding.
  7. Congrats Calatoara! Has anyone else gotten a decision? I wonder if they're releasing MPP decisions at this time as well?
  8. Sounds a bit like generalized anxiety disorder, not that I have expertise to diagnose. Some of what you described reminds me of what I went through. I was always on edge, and even when everything was going well I was worried. But that way of thinking can be so exhausting...I ended up moving toward the other extreme--not worrying about too much of anything at all, which was not productive/healthy either. Now I'm moving toward a more healthy balance. I can't say that anything specific helped me except that, in retrospect, the things that I worried about always seemed to seem so small in the gran
  9. Hey thanks for posting this! It's really useful. I think it would be better placed in the Government Affairs section though. Is there a way to transfer it there?
  10. I applied to 7 programs, and got fee waivers for 3 of them (still waiting on one). I decided to cut 2 programs from my list because I could not envision myself attending, and given my financial constraints, had to choose where I would ultimately apply carefully. There is one program that I wish I'd applied to but I hadn't taken the GRE before the required deadline (I had my sights on a different academic path before so I had dedicated most of my time last year to studying for another exam.) In any case, I can't really say I regret it because 1) I applied to schools that I would like to atten
  11. I'm actually glad to see this topic because it shows that I'm not the only one who has thought about this possibility. Some days I think the results of my cycle will be good, and others days I worry that I won't get in anywhere. If the latter were to occur, I would retake the GRE (didn't have enough time to study b/c I was on a whole different grad school/career track before), get some relevant work/volunteer experience in my area(s) of interest, and take some more online courses to prep me for grad school classes. With the work/volunteer experience I could probably write stronger essays as
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