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  1. MGIMO International students?

    Take my condolences for living in Russia, I really wish you good luck with your studies!
  2. what's your career aspiration?

    As for me, the only lifelong dream that really matters for me is to move from the country where I was born to the place where I want to live. In this way, graduate school allows me to adapt in a new environment, to get some new skills and acquaintances, to have a stable funded work for several years and a good start for the following life. Later I would like to work in industry at least on a simple-level position, or stay in academia if it’s possible, but the thing I really care about is getting a new citizenship and being assimilated completely – that’s how I see my happiness.
  3. Funding vs. Location

    If I were in that situation, I would choose the first school with funding. I doubt that in America any location can be too bad, and debts will complicate the life in perspective. After all, it is not guaranteed that you will be with that SO forever, while good education and money will never betray you.
  4. Living away from your spouse for grad school?

    I’m sure that if you are coming from a third country, it is more reasonable to put every effort in finding a new partner on the spot. It should give you broader opportunities for integration and immigration...