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  1. @Nika.T Only three (excluding the ones I assume reject based on gradcafe), but one of them is a waitlist, so I will be waiting forever
  2. @Nika.T Absolutely, I just made my peace with the fact that I will be on hold for a while.
  3. @IcedCapp Congrats on the offer! As an international student who came from a city very much like yours and never lived in a small town before moving to CU, I have to say I didn't really like living there. I found it quite boring, and the city didn't grow on me throughout the few years I spend there at all. To me, living in a place with a lot of cultural activities, which is nonexistent in CU, is very important. Also, I was in a social science department and CU is an extremely engineering oriented place, and there wasn't a lot of exciting activities for us. That being said, I did meet a lot of
  4. @LLL_ last year they started to send the offers on March 1st.
  5. @chichilai I just called Northwestern to ask about Screen Cultures, they said they already sent out interview invitations, and you can assume rejection if you haven't received one.
  6. @hnm1231 Thanks for letting me know, it is a relief! 6 one on one meetings actually sound better, none of them gets enough time to ask difficult questions. One very basic but useful interview advise I got from a professor is to be very specific on whose work you are responding to and your contribution to the field. Meaning that it is more important to focus on the stakes of your argument instead of the topics of your research.
  7. @hnm1231 Congratulations on the interview! Which program are you interviewing for? I have been waiting to hear from Screen Cultures for a while.
  8. @imamura12 I just got my rejection letter from Brown MCM.
  9. @chichilai I have been waiting to hear from Screen Cultures as well. They seem to already sent out interview requests for some of the other PhD programs in the department, I don't know whether that means anything though..
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