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  1. Fall 2018 Admission

    Hey, Thanks for your response It is a relief to know that. Fingers crossed. I was also wondering if the offer letter and funding details are sent by e-mail or postal mail?
  2. Fall 2018 Admission

    Rather confused here. I received an e-mail from the department where I applied stating that I have been recommended for admission and my PhD application has been forwarded for review by the graduate school. It also stated that I will be receiving an offer letter along with funding details. Does that mean I have been offered admission? On the same day, on the results webpage here I saw someone posting about their acceptance for the same program. I received the e-mail 2 days ago and I still haven't received the offer letter or funding details. I am really freaked out! Not sure what is going on here. I am happy that it may be my first ever acceptance but at the same time I am also very confused. Anyone having similar experiences?
  3. Hii, I wish to apply for a PhD in Social sciences starting in the fall 2018 sessions in some of the Top US Universities. So I was searching for faculty with common research interests as that of mine in the department websites. I came across three types of them. The Associate professors, Assistant professors and Professors So I was wondering which of the three types of faculty would be more willing to supervise PhD students? Which faculty has more time?
  4. Hii, I am applying to both PhD and Masters program, I am quite certain of what I want to include in my PhD SOPs(Research interests, potential supervisors). However, I am not sure of what shall I include in my Masters SOPs apart from basic things like relevant work experience, relevant education and motivation to study the program. Would anyone be kind enough to mention the difference in what do Admission committees look for in SOPs of PhD applicants and what specific things they look for in SOPs in Masters applicants. In addition, I would like to know if there are any differences in Europe and US, in terms of what Admission committees like to see in applicants' SOPs
  5. @AP@timetobegin Thank you so much for your responses. They have been helpful for me as an International applicant. Another question, I have research experience in several unpaid internships. I have paid research experience in a government project. and the research experience during coursework in my university. In addition to that, research experience gained while conducting my Masters thesis study. So, how can I mention all of it in my CV. Which research experience must be included in what category?
  6. Hey everyone, Applying for a PhD in Social Sciences in US Universities I had some questions about the CV for the application, highly appreciate if someone could answer them, 1) What should be the optimal length of the CV? What font and text-size shall I use? Is there any software or template which I can find on the internet which could help me give a kickstart to my CV preparation? Is there any website where I could see sample CVs? 2) Shall I include references in the CV? Asking this because the Admissions committee will already be seeing recommendation letters from 3 of my references, so is there any point in including references in the CV? Thank you in advance.
  7. EMJMD Scholarships

    Hey, anyone applying to any of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs? Question for those who applied for the EMJMD scholarship, what did you show as a residency document which is required to be eligible for the scholarship? In the website, it is mentioned that Please note that as part of this application form you will be required to upload a document that certifies the residence you indicate in this form. The residence certificate needs to be issued in accordance with your municipality's normal registration rules. It must be an officially notarized copy in English or an official English translation of the original document and must have been issued within 12 months before the application deadline What could that mean? I am really confused as to what document shall I show :-( Help is highly appreciated Thanks in advance
  8. Some questions about publications

    @maxhgns Hey, Thank you so much for a detailed response. That cleared the majority of doubts I had about the world of Academia. One doubt which remains is, what is a "double-masked peer review journal?"
  9. Some questions about publications

    Hey there, A lot of times I have seen and heard that publishing an article in an International journal immensely helps in improving a PhD applicaion. Now, there are certain questions which arise in my mind when I see this - 1) How does one search for journals? 2) Can any random person in the world publish an article? For example - A person who works in McDonalds suddenly decides he wants to pursue a PhD and starts writing an article to get it published in a journal. 3) Is affiliation to any organization or university required to publish an article? Is it necessary that one who wishes to get his article published has to be a student or a teacher? Can unemployed people also attempt to do it? Please ignore if my questions come off as very basic, I am a newbie in the world of Academia. Looking forward to any response, thank in advance
  10. I haven't generated any prompts as of now, nor have I entered any of my recommendor's contact details. The IT department's email-ID is usually not given on the websites. I suppose I'm better off starting a new application for all universities with my personal e-mail ID. Thanks a lot for the input! @fuzzylogician
  11. Hey, As of now, I haven't submitted any application at all. Although I have started all the applications with my university e-mail, which is going to be invalid starting from new year. Until now, I have only entered my personal details such as DOB, contact etc. What do you suggest me to do? Leave these applications as they are and start new applications with my personal e-mail? Or contact each admissions department requesting them to update my e-mail?
  12. Hey, I graduated earlier this year from university. So I have started all my applications for universities in US (more than 7) with my university E-mail. However, just yesterday it came to my notice that my university e-mail won't be valid since January 2018. I had no clue that such a problem was going to occur. I am now willing to use my personal e-mail. What shall I do now? Should I send an e-mail to each department I have applied about the change in my e-mail ID? Or should I directly start a new application for each program with my personal e-mail? Any advice or help is highly appreciated. Thank you
  13. Is it possible to change recommendor?

    @TheScienceHoney@TakeruK Thanks for your input guys. I will check out the application system of each university and decide accordingly what to do. Good luck with your applications!
  14. Hey guys, So I was wondering, will it be possible for me in the future to change one of my recommendors? The problem is, one of my recommendors is usually a very busy person, and I'm not sure if he would have the time to write a recommendation letter. Although he has confirmed of his willingness of providing me with a recommendation. So in case the teacher doesn't submit the recommendation, does the online application system of universities allow me to delete a recommendor and add a new one whenever I would like to do it before the deadline? Another problem I have is, as I am unsure of this third recommendor, So is it possible to just submit the details of two recommendors, while leaving the third one blank for now? Or the application system just takes the details of all three recommendors together? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanking you.
  15. Time for GRE Scores to reach universities

    @Psygeek, @Sandmaster Thanks a lot. That helped. Good luck with your applications! It's a relief to know that ETS takes 4-5 days only.