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  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that with your previous profs/program but thank you for sharing this. I have been wondering about what to do in this area and this is pretty convincing to go to disability services first.
  2. I have had similar thoughts of trying to get together a summer reading list to prep. I'm doing American Studies (so interdisciplinary) but sociology was one of my majors in undergrad and is important for a lot of the research I want to do so I think we'd have some overlap in readings. (Same with gender and women's studies). Part of me just wants to get back into a bit of a (light) academic reading routine bc I have been out of school for a few years and am getting some anxiety about being prepared mentally and experience-wise. I've been flipping back through some texts I had from my Classi
  3. I saw Pullman pop up in the city guide forum recent activity and just wanted to throw in a review of the Pullman/Moscow area. I first visited to help a friend move there for the cog. neuroscience program and visited again a few months ago. I know she has had an overall really positive experience and I've had a blast every time I've been. She found a super cheap apartment off campus- there was even a student discount for academic performance and it's still close to WSU. As for the area itself, it's really nice to have the two towns so close because they've both got some gems of restaurants, bar
  4. ended up on the waiting list for the Saucon Village Apartments, gonna chalk that up to a no at this point. Are you new to Bethlehem/PA too?
  5. Kind of late but I have landed on Lehigh's American Studies MA program. After visiting, and along with receiving my full funding offer, it seems like it will be a good fit and a good place to get my grad school start before jumping into PhD work. Anyone else in Lehigh's AMST program? Congrats to everyone on their acceptances and future schools! Wishing all the best for you all
  6. No one has posted here in a while but want to throw out questions about housing anyway. Anyone know anything about the Saucon Village Apartments for grad student housing? I applied and got a decent lottery number but I am still hoping to get a more "inside" perspective on what they are actually like irl. That, along with any other advice on housing/living in Bethlehem is greatly appreciated.
  7. Right?! So ready for admission season to be over, the wait is too much!
  8. I still haven't heard anything and I am about ready to pull my hair out. I think I've been checking the UT MyStatus website roughly 50 times a day.
  9. Have you guys heard from Kansas yet?? Still waiting to hear from KU, SUNY Buffalo, and UT Austin for AMST...trying to resist the pull towards insanity....
  10. Absolutely! Positive thinking is the only way of getting through this, I swear. Lots of deep breathing and "everything will be fine!" mini mantras. Good luck on your schools, sending good thoughts your way!
  11. Yeah I feel ya! I actually think some of my complaining must've propelled something in the universe forward because I did get an acceptance from Lehigh's MA AMST this morning but no word on financial aid. Getting an acceptance is nice for sure but I'm still waiting for anything on funding. I totally know what you mean still though, I am still waiting for my top choices and I think I'm just getting more obsessive everyday.
  12. Long time lurker here, just needing to vent a little about the metaphorical cricket sounds from admissions. I've only heard back from one school (Minnesota, rejected) out of nine and am getting progressively more obsessive with checking for updates. I'm not heartbroken about Minnesota, it was my first app and when I looked back at my submitted work it was definitely not as polished as it could've been. I'm mainly just in desperate need of just *one* AMST acceptance letter at this point to get me through the rest of the wait. Anyone else feeling this way? And/or handling it better? P.S. C
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