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  1. Thanks! I've actually just found a couple of very nice roommates, so I'll be renting a room for the first year! Have you found a place for thw two of you by now?
  2. Thanks! I can't believe I went from 5 rejections to 2,5 acceptances! (ok, and 6,5 rejections, but whatever ). Declining the other offer was so hard, my PoI was just great. This was the biggest luxury problem I've ever had. By the way, today there was this item on the news (here, in the Netherlands!) about an American kid who applied at 20 schools and got admitted into all of them. I literally cried when I saw the video they made of his first acceptance.
  3. Thank you! I chose the Cultural Anthro program at Washington State University. I ended up having one other acceptance and one position on a waitlist.
  4. Me too! I'm so glad you guys feell the same way, I thought it was just me!
  5. See if there are Facebook groups about local housing. I found my place (a private room in a shared house) through one of thise 'housing in XX' groups. I talked to my roommates on FB, then we skyped, and then we made the decision about when I could move in. I also contacted some local housing agencies that some of the other grad students in my department rent from, and the department also has a mailing list for rad student housing.
  6. Congratulations! I have been scouting Craigslist and FB for a couple of weeks now, but no luck yet. You dont happen to be looking for a very cool Dutch roomate, by aby chance? Because I've got one of those available
  7. Excellent topic, I have been thinking about this ever since I got my acceptance letter. I'm moving from Europe to the US and thankfully to an area with a similar climate, so most of my clothes will be useful there. I'm moving in the summer so I was thinking of buying an extra suitcase so I can fit most of my summer stuff in them. I'll ask my parents to send my winter stuff once I've moved. This is also a good time to really sort out all my stuff and decide what I am still wearing and what is just chilling in my closet for whatever reason. My real concern are my 'luxury items' like shoes a
  8. Yeah, it all seems super affordable! But I also have the factor of being an international, so getting a roommate just seems a bit easier. I don't know yet, I keep alternationg between getting a studio, or getting a rommate.
  9. Hey guys! I received and offer from WSU, and I'm trying to figure out the housing situation in Pullman. To the people who are also going to attend WSU, are you going to live alone or trying to look for a roommate?
  10. Guys! I have been accepted into Washington State! My top school, so I am very happy! I got the news yesterday when I woke up...I was feeling super down lately because I had only received rejections, so I was planning to spend the weekend working on a proposal for a school in Europe. But then I saw THE e-mail....freaked out, called my mom, my friends, etc..
  11. I've just recieved my third rejection Three down, five to go!
  12. Thanks! Thats really helpful. I'll mix it up with what I've seen in the handbook!
  13. So for one of my SoP's I have to provide an anticipated timeline. Does anyone mean what they mean by that? There is already a clear timeline in the graduate handbook so I wonder what they want me to add. My PoI is working in the field right now and he won't be back before the deadline.
  14. I don't. I assume they are busy enough as it is, and I don't feel like it is going to add anything to the 'relationship' I have with them. If I am serious about applying I end our email conversation by informing them I am ready to apply.
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