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  1. Let’s just TALK about it...

    I've just recieved my third rejection Three down, five to go!
  2. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Thanks! Thats really helpful. I'll mix it up with what I've seen in the handbook!
  3. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    So for one of my SoP's I have to provide an anticipated timeline. Does anyone mean what they mean by that? There is already a clear timeline in the graduate handbook so I wonder what they want me to add. My PoI is working in the field right now and he won't be back before the deadline.
  4. Contacting POI after applications are in?

    I don't. I assume they are busy enough as it is, and I don't feel like it is going to add anything to the 'relationship' I have with them. If I am serious about applying I end our email conversation by informing them I am ready to apply.
  5. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Hahahaha, mine is binge watching the X-files in preparation for the new season, and trying to keep my house clean. Only one of those two things is working...
  6. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    I took your advice and found a super cool school I actually have a great fit with. Thanks!
  7. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Me too I guess, and I'm not even going to make the same mistake as last year and check the results page. I'm just going to wait untill I get email,s or notifications from app acounts.
  8. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Its just that I'm not sure how strong the fit should be. One school is specialized in my general geographical region, but there isn't a theoretical fit. One school kinda shares my thematical focus on environmental anthropology and my geographical region, but when I look at their cources I'm missing certain things. I don't want to spend money on schools that I think would have better matching applicants, but like you said I do wanna cast a wide net. Pfff
  9. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Congrats! I still have one deadline on January 31, and I'm still deciding about 2 schools, to submit or not to submit...
  10. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    I am freaking out for no special reason...I just checked the results page (so dumb, imo this only makes me geel worse) and one of my fav schools is already sending out acceptances for other departments. The departmental deadline is in january but the graduate school deadline was in november. I know results for anthro are not related to other departments, but still!
  11. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Omg, how did I miss this? Congrats, Im so happy for you!
  12. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Nooo,, don't do it!! The other day I woke up super happy, and halfway through my way to work I realised it was all fake I don't want Januari to be here, I remember being rejected 4 times last year so well that I almost prefer living in this Schrodingers application limbo forever.
  13. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    I keep getting these reoccuring dreams that Toronto sends me an offer for 13.000. Must mean something, right?
  14. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    This made me laugh out loud at work Yeah and chocolate too, Im so not stepping on the scale right now! I did quit smoking a couple of weeks ago! Now Im chewing gum like crazy.
  15. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    You are right,..and what else can we do but try? Worrying isn't going to change your chances...(I say this after downing half a bottle of wine. The stress is killing me).