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  1. At this point, by just keeping on keeping on. Going to work. Applying to better jobs. Just occupying myself with the other things my life...and checking GradCafe in hopes of bad or good news.
  2. Yeap! That's a huge factor in why I've assumed the worst. But, I emailed both Admins. I assumed it was because of Spring Break but it turns out SB had passed weeks ago for them. So maybe I'm annoying them. Maybe it's a passive/early sign that they'll be rejecting me. Idk.
  3. Thank you the wishes and advice!! I think I may just sit tight.
  4. I applied for my Masters a few months before turning 22. Began my Masters later that year in the fall at 22.
  5. At this point, I'm still waitlisted for an interview at two schools (yea...still). Neither have answered my recent email I sent a week ago, in which I asked for an update (so of course, in GradCafe fashion, I've assumed the worst). I haven't seen anyone post their offers for either school, despite both schools saying they've been sent out. I feel completely in the dark. At this point, I'm unsure if this means my chances are nonexistent. Luckily, I have a great job in my field so this doesn't feel like a death sentence to my future. But, I'm wondering what I should do next with both schools. Sh
  6. Sent both of the schools I’m waitlisted at emails asking for an update last week. Neither responded. I feel two rejections coming on.
  7. That's exactly how I feel. Like it would be closure to atleast get a 'no'. Thank you btw and good luck next round!!
  8. *sigh* sttttttttillllll waiting. I've been waiting for so long that I experience periods of time where I completely forgot I applied.
  9. This is possibly the most transparent I've seen a program be. It literally means exactly what it said. Straight, no chaser. No promises. So basically you and everyone else is still in the waiting process. Just sit tight, at least it's not a "We regret to inform you...". Hopefully you receive a "We're happy to _____" soon!!
  10. Waitlisted at Seattle Pacific and Utah State (PhD). Not really super optimistic at this point. It’s so late in the game and I haven’t seen updates on offers/acceptances yet and neither have been too encouraging. So I’m basically becoming honest with myself that it may not happen...again. I was notified by one school back in December. I found out I was waitlisted at another after inquiring via in late February.
  11. Oh my God...waiting for the two schools I've been waitlisted at is killing me. I was told offers went out but no one's even posted about either schools on the Results page. I can't tell if that means a lot of people are rejecting them or if the people accepted are waaaaay too confident to be sitting on GradCafe lmao (not a jab at us...more to them. lol). I'm praying the funded program offers an interview. PRAYING.
  12. That’s so true! I didn’t even think of that option. Sometimes I just need to be checked lol Thank you!
  13. So I’m waitlisted by this program I’m interested in, so I sent an email to restate my interest and for the first time I received no response. Granted, this was my first time contacting her. I’m trying not to read too into it but I feel like that’s a passive sign orrr...my email is currently sitting in Spam. Hmm
  14. Last year the wait drove me crazy because I was in the dark. This year it’s driving me crazy because I’m waitlisted and could possibly have a chance, possibly not. I think about it at every down time of my job (so basically once lol) and it drives me crazy the second I’m off bc all I have time for is to think about it.
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