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  1. I graduated with my first bachelor's at 21, will graduate with second bachelor's in two weeks at 33. Applied and got accepted into masters program at 33, so will be 35 when I finish. Planning to apply to PhD programs at 34-35, acceptance age (if any) remains to be seen.
  2. You are not alone...I went through it at eighteen. I still struggle with anxiety and nightmares from time to time, though often about other things. I've been considering getting a weighted blanket. A craft shop around the corner makes them and I've been wanting to check them out. Some of the students I've worked with in the past have had success with them.
  3. Based on how my boyfriend is talking, I will likely be engaged within the year, possibly before I start my master's this fall, and then married by the time I graduate. We already have lived together for a while but don't have kids, except for our furbabies (which, right now, are stress enough). The only thing that's come up as a hurdle is having to find a place to live that works well for both of our commutes, so no living right off campus for me. (Oh...age-wise, I'm 33, since others have mentioned it.)
  4. I got another acceptance email today, ending my round of applications at 2a (1 off of waitlist) and 0r! A sigh of relief...up until I have to go through this again for the PhD programs!!
  5. I got accepted off the waitlist this afternoon!!!!
  6. Waitlisted at one school, no word at all yet from the other.
  7. I haven't heard back yet on either school I applied to. All my friends are posting their "I'm pleased to announce..." statuses on Facebook and it's making me want to just crawl into a corner.
  8. The last email I got said 4-6 weeks...today marks the end of 6 weeks since that email?
  9. I'm 33 years old and this is my first cycle of applying to graduate schools. I got my first bachelor's degree in theatre in 2006, wasn't able to use it much for work, then went back to school for psychology and am finishing my second bachelor's this May. I've applied to two clinical psychology master's programs (would have done more but am not able to relocate very far due to personal commitments). I have an interview for one next Friday and have heard nothing from the other so far. If I get the rejection for the second one soon enough -- at this point I'm fairly certain it's a rejection -- I am hoping to be able to submit an application for the clinical mental health counseling masters at that same school, which has a later deadline. I am trying to figure out how this will all work out if I do get accepted, as I will need to work as well in order to pay living expenses during school.
  10. I am still waiting to hear back from Oakland. Super nervous...
  11. I had a bowl of mashed potatoes for dinner last night. They were premium mashed potatoes, though.
  12. Potential backup plans from most to least likely — Look for research assistant positions (even if unpaid) — Study abroad (2 week language immersion program) — Apply to similar but different field next round (counseling or social work vs. clinical psychology) — Actually use my first degree from 12 years ago, get a new agent and start auditioning for acting roles again — Obtain CNA or medical billing training and work that way — Train my boyfriend to clean up after himself using applied behavior analysis and write about that experience in my next application — Go through Mulan-style boot camp to learn advanced math and retake the GRE for the third time — Write a lengthy thesis in which I try to determine why my ex is the way that he is — Offer to armchair diagnose psychological conditions in the neighborhood cats in exchange for pop cans to recycle
  13. I have only received one email so far, but it came at 9:30 last night!
  14. Just when I was starting to doubt myself and draft my next round of applications, I got an interview request from one of the schools I applied to! I only applied to two schools, so I'm pretty excited!
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