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  1. I'd echo what's already been said and just add that you should double check all websites to make sure you do not ask for repeat information. (ie. have something more interesting to discuss than "are you accepting a student next year?" when the website clearly states that they are.) I also don't think there is any harm in e-mailing in early September if you're hoping to get a head start on it; most professors know by then if they'll be taking a student the following year.
  2. Lack of independent research and publications. Postponing a year made a huge difference for me, but I was fortunate enough to join a lab that frequently publishes; had I not made any changes in the extra year off, it wouldn't have been worth it.
  3. kitcassidance

    St. Louis, MO

    Hi! Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, those prices are per-bed rents, and I'll be moving with my husband. I'd definitely keep this in mind if I was looking for a roommate though! Thanks again
  4. kitcassidance

    St. Louis, MO

    Hi! Have done a decent amount of research already, but it's hard to get a feel for places from google alone. Anyone have suggestiosn for neighborhoods with apartments that are (rank order priorities): 1) dog-friendly 2) affordable (ideally under $1000 for a 2bd) 3) reasonably safe 4) have in unit w/d 5) exposed brick if we're picking and choosing 6) garage access Anyone have suggestions? Or neighborhoods I should definitely steer clear of?
  5. While I agree you don't want to go into debt for any graduate program, I think publications will be more meaningful than having a master's degree. If you're able to publish several first author publications with the first school, I'm not sure why a doctoral program would see that as a negative. Would you be able to publish at the second school? If you can, this may be a better choice than going into debt for a masters, even if the research is in a slightly less related field. However, you also mention that school two is your dream school for clinical psych. I know this varies from school to school, but I was told by several POIs that they do not accept volunteers from their lab, and they're highly discouraged to accept students with a degree from their university. Are you dead set on attending one of these two programs? Have you considered applying for research coordinator positions where you could get solid letters of recommendation and a few publications from that study? Just a thought. Good luck, and congratulations on your acceptances!!
  6. This is so sweet. My mama used to say the same thing. Love it
  7. Netflix, Ben & Jerry's, and a ridiculously last minute flight to Paris
  8. I feel like this is so important. I met a surprisingly high number of applicants who openly complained about other programs where they interviewed or made it clear they were not considering the current program. These comments are remembered by faculty - and future colleagues. Thank you for this reminder!
  9. I feel like I could pay off my undergrad loans with those application fees alone.
  10. So... what time will the hypothetical email/phone call come? I have tons of undergrad professors who exclusively send me emails in the middle of the night, and I'm wondering if an informal email from a POI might also come at a very late time. Or do some professors send emails bright and early? Or If they do make a phone call, will they do it in the late morning, lunchtime, early evening? Ugh I just want more information. Unfortunately, I think this is totally dependent on the POI and the program itself. For one of my offers, I received a generic welcome e-mail from the DCT at 7:32am and didn't hear from my POI until three days later. (For what it's worth, he called around 3pm.) Another offer came on a Saturday afternoon. I think they're just making sure we are on our toes at ALL times, because why give us a set time frame to worry? Hope you get some good news soon!! My vote is after 1pm and before 3pm, so I can take off a few hours early from work and celebrate
  11. Berkoooooley (Computer Science, PhD (F18) Rejected via Website on 5 Mar 2018 U 5 Mar 2018 report spam Like I give a damn. Give my money BACK! Hit me right in the financial feels. SAME.
  12. Really tempted to show up to orientation day. “Oh, I was NOT accepted?? You were very unclear about that, so I figured I should show up just in case.” (Sorry about the school though. Hope you’re finding better luck elsewhere!)
  13. In case I missed the message, they followed up with a snail mail rejection as well.
  14. I was at work, on the phone with a participant, when my Inbox changed from "Inbox" to "(1) Inbox." I opened it -- because I can multitask, alright? That's why you hired me, remember, *boss*? I was still actively engaging in this phone conversation -- and saw an e-mail saying "Your Admission Decision is Available." My heart dropped. I thought for sure this meant rejection. Even the place I am currently waitlisted gave me a courtesy telephone call. Decision via portal clearly meant rejection. I immediately closed my inbox, and tried to keep from crying while I spoke to my participant for another thirty-four agonizing minutes. When she hung up, I took a deep breath, let myself cry a little, and opened the portal. Skimmed for words, shortish letter, skimmed some more -- "CONGRATULATIONS!" Cried some more, happy tears this time. As it was already 4:30, I checked in with my coworker, cried even more, hugged, and we each clocked out a few minutes early to celebrate with mimosas (hold the OJ. I guess that's just called champagne everywhere else in the country).
  15. My guess is this is to make sure you’re a good program fit and not just a good PI fit. AdComs are made up of more than just the faculty you applied to work with, and you’ll be expected throughout the program to work with faculty outside of your specific lab (in class, maybe research collaboration m, etc) More than this, I’ve found it SO helpful to have interviews with faculty other than my POI. This is a great opportunity for you to get more of a feel for the program as a whole, and not just for the lab you’re applying within. The more research heavy programs I’ve applied to actually do a lot of collaboration across labs, and I was able to see which programs I could realistically explore several areas of interest vs where I would need to hone in on one area of speciality. I’ve only heard back from one program thus far, and I was actually accepted to a lab I initially didn’t apply to work in. As many have said more eloquently, interview days are meant to be for you as much as they are for the program. Good luck with your interview! Keep us posted
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