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  1. I would not re-take the test if you have a strong GPA and great research experience. I also got a 68% on the Psych Subject test and still got offers from top programs in the country. My understanding after going on many interviews is that schools care due to APA accreditation. Some schools will use your subject test score to waiver you out of certain APA requirements. I don't believe it's weighed as heavily as any other factor in your application. Some schools don't even require it.
  2. As an undergrad, I was a phone screener for research studies, ran participants through studies, and sat in on group therapy. It is definitely doable to get 'clinical' experience as an undergrad. As a crisis text line volunteer, or volunteering at a shelter, you are not providing any kind of 'therapy'. At least for CTL all you do is come up with coping skills. Anyway, for PhD programs, research experience is much more valued and honestly will make you a better candidate for programs if you have extensive research under your belt and zero clinical experience.
  3. From my experience and from speaking with mentors, you’ll statistically get more interviews and into much better programs when you take time off between undergrad and grad and work on research. I’ve had people tell me they don’t even consider people who haven’t taken time off. Not to say that it couldn’t happen, I know one person who had a near perfect GRE and got in right from undergrad but I would strongly advise to take time in between. You’ll mature as a person, a researcher, a clinican, etc. Additionally, I would describe “clinical” experience as working face to face with patients and/or
  4. I wouldn't count yourself out just yet. I applied to a program and noticed that people were posting interview invites on here. Then a week later I noticed people started posting rejection notifications. I hadn't received either so I called up the department and they told me I'm in an in-between list that they'll reach out to in case someone can't attend the interview weekend. AKA I'm on the waitlist, but they never notified me. Best of luck to you!
  5. I haven't, but have been waiting for the Adult track too with no news. At this point I've lost all hope considering the interview weekend is in two weeks.
  6. I have a leather computer bag I invested in a few years back that perfectly fits my padfolio so I will be taking that! It’s not too big which I like, I think will look more professional
  7. My current job is looking for a full-time Office Manager based out of our NYC location... Great clinical and research experience and I've learned a lot. DM me if you're interested in a job description!
  8. When I pre interviewed with the PI I applied to, she mentioned that the committee will be meeting today, 01/09, to make recommendations on who to invite. I'm expecting to hear back later this week or early next with decisions. Best of luck to us!
  9. I've received interviews for the following Clinical programs: UNebraska Lincoln UNC-CH Montclair State UT-RGV And prelim interview with UHouston
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