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  1. MarineBluePsy

    Homesickness & Visiting Family

    This was not my experience as I couldn't wait to get away from my family, but others in my program echo your concerns. For those who's family are maybe 6-8 hours away by car they tend to go home on long weekends and breaks as others have suggested. They also discussed this with their families and their parents drive out to them and spend the weekend every 4-6 weeks. I don't know if this is feasible for your family, but it couldn't hurt to start exploring it as a possibility now. Scheduling Skype chats or phone calls can also help you stay connected, especially if the weather is a factor in driving conditions.
  2. MarineBluePsy

    What excites you about your research?

    Though I'm not in Sociology, what excites me about my research is that I'm focusing on groups that are overlooked and shouldn't be given their extensive needs.
  3. @21n14l If you're able to find publicly available information about their current work then no I don't think its strange to reach out with a couple of follow up questions. If you're not finding publicly available information about their work then it may increase your chances of a response if you went through the faculty member you're interviewing for or if there is a liaison you've been told to send your interview/application related questions to. You could simply state that you noticed the website hasn't been updated and you wondered if any of the students might be open to a quick email regarding their current work. The professor or liaison will likely just forward your request to the students and encourage them to respond. If you decide to email students directly I'd keep it short and sweet. Maybe something like......Hi Student, I'll be interviewing with Professor soon and I'd love to learn a bit about your recent work. I'm sure you're quite busy, but unfortunately the website doesn't mention any projects from the last few years. Care to share any info? Thanks for your time. This gives them the option of just whipping up a couple of lines, attaching a CV, pointing you to a publicly available source for up to date information, etc.
  4. Did you try linkedin? Some of the students may be on there.
  5. During my application season I directly asked faculty and students about strengths and weaknesses of the program. There is no such thing as a perfect program so places that refused to acknowledge that anything could be improved upon didn't sit well with me. There also needs to be some reading between the lines and basic observation when interacting with students that can give you a ton of information. If the students don't seem welcoming during your visit and instead seem exhausted and unhappy, then perhaps whatever is happening behind the scenes isn't great. If questions about certain aspects of the program are ignored or responded to with the same cookie cutter sounds good response then perhaps there is another side of the story that would significantly impact your decision.
  6. MarineBluePsy

    "Kiddie Tax" on Fellowship

    It might be a good idea to contact a qualified tax professional and have them review your circumstances. If you have already done that and are still concerned there is nothing wrong with you getting a second opinion.
  7. MarineBluePsy

    Interview attire (non-clinical/counseling)

    I think its wise to aim for business casual regardless of what types of programs you're applying for. I used to live in a warmer climate and opted not to spend money trying to find outfits for interviews in colder climates. Instead I just layered. So I'd wear a dress with a tank top (if you have a thermal one great) under, sweater tights, and a cardigan or blazer. Then I had mittens (a scarf would probably also help, but I didn't have one) and borrowed a full length heavy winter coat which kept me extremely warm so it didn't matter that I wasn't wearing 12 layers of things. For footwear I bought a pair of inexpensive rain boots to wear outside and then carried a pair of ballet flats in my purse. When we got to whatever destination I just changed my shoes and it was no problem, in fact several other women did this so apparently this is common.
  8. MarineBluePsy

    Interview Weekend - Staying with a grad student?

    Well first let me say that you do not have to stay with a student if you'd prefer not to. You can always contact the applicant interview coordinator and say that you appreciate the option to stay with a student, but you already have overnight accommodations. If you do decide to stay with a grad student think of it like crashing at a friends place. You might be on the couch or on an air mattress and privacy will be limited. If you have pet allergies, dislike cigarette smoke, or prefer a same gender host then definitely mention that to the applicant interview coordinator immediately. In my application season it was not uncommon for male and female students to host and applicants were not always matched by gender. I personally was not bothered by this, but everyone is different. Also keep in mind that you're on the students' schedule. Meaning expect that if they're leaving to go do something on campus then you'll be tagging along or another student will be taking you somewhere. Its unlikely to be like a hotel where you can chill solo for several hours to decompress. I personally found this very irritating and wouldn't do the student host thing again, but other people enjoy this.
  9. I'm not sure how you go about growing a thicker skin since I've been lucky to always have one. I do think its important to remember that someone has to challenge traditional views with new perspectives and right now that person is you. If your perspective wasn't valuable then you wouldn't have gotten a journal to give you a revise and resubmit with what sounds like minimal feedback. Negative comments can also push you to make your work even better despite their initial sting.
  10. When I reach this point I will not be using my primary advisor as a reference. I have compiled several others that will actually say positive things about my abilities, whereas my primary advisor won't do that. Sure some potential employers may find this odd and may reach out to my primary advisor on their own which I can't prevent. If my primary advisor chooses to be negative that will seem odd stacked against several positive references from others who worked closely with me.
  11. MarineBluePsy

    Start Date for PhD programs?

    In general programs that only accept students in the Fall start whenever the Fall semester or quarter begins, which could be August or September. Earlier start dates may be required depending on how the student is funded (for example a TA or RA position that starts in the summer) or there are mandatory classes or trainings in the summer.
  12. MarineBluePsy

    Do graduate schools count community college GPA?

    Your community college GPA will be combined with the GPA from the University you transferred to in order to complete your Bachelor's. For fields that don't require a Master's degree to enter a PhD program, those degrees are usually viewed separately. In some cases a high GPA in a Master's program can help an applicant that didn't do well in undergrad.
  13. MarineBluePsy

    Choice to rerank POIs

    You don't need to change your rank order of POIs for the form, just stick with the order you used in your SOP. Faculty know that applicants are asked to rank more than one POI and I doubt they take it personally. Sometimes its really hard to choose the order and you end up just picking a random rank order for POIs. I imagine this happens when they have to choose applicants at times so it isn't a huge deal. During my application cycle I was invited to interview with a POI that I ranked second and not who I ranked first and it was no big deal. My first choice decided at the last minute not to take a student and my second choice was. We never discussed it and the interview was fine.
  14. MarineBluePsy

    Results section: hard time being concise

    It also may help to have a peer review it or use your University Writing Center. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes reveals several editing options.
  15. Yeah you want to list the organization where you worked with him. People move on all the time so schools/employers won't find this bizarre. If you're asked about it you can just say he later left the company for a new opportunity.

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