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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! Just having some other opinions and insight is so helpful. I'll give this a shot and try to get this project under my belt and see what happens next!
  2. Hey, PsyDuck90! Well, my advisor specializes in a broad range of attitude change and formation of attitudes. They have multiple publications out from many years ago applying attitudes to a few different topics. I was partially attracted to the idea of getting varied experience and the flexibility I assumed that would offer me. My overall topic of mental health is still my main interest, but they don't have a lot of experience with the literature. While it's good for me to get better with it, I don't have someone to necessarily lean on to challenge me or put me in the right direction at t
  3. Hello! I've never posted here before, but I've browsed the many forum topics and got a lot of great advice. I didn't see anything about this topic though: Having an inactive research advisor. I've just finished my first year of my PhD program in Psychology and feel behind all of my cohort. While it is ultimately up to me to have the discipline, I still feel like I'm missing out on a lot of useful things I was hoping to learn along the way. Some issues I have: - My advisor doesn't attend any of our lab meetings with undergrads and I feel like we (the more senior grad students
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