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  1. Hi everyone! I’m currently in my first year of a PhD program and - since it’s THAT time of the semester - the impostor syndrome is kicking in. I know it’s a totally normal thing to experience, but I feel like everyone always offers the same advice for managing it (“Remember that you deserve to be here!” or “You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t qualified!” etc.). That advice is great and sometimes it helps, but I was admitted from the waitlist as my advisor’s second choice and my particular brand of impostor syndrome usually ends with me getting hung up on that. I know I’m more than capable of h
  2. If anyone with an offer from Wayne State happens to see this, can you message me your POI initials? Thank you and congrats!! Wayne has a great program!
  3. Anyone heard from Wayne State post-interview? Haven’t seen anything go up on the results thread and I’m starting to get nervous
  4. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to respond to an offer you’re really excited about but can’t formally accept yet?
  5. If anyone getting acceptance emails from Eastern Michigan happens to see this, can you PM me your POI initials? I saw one go up on the results thread. Congratulations!!
  6. Do programs tend to extend all initial offers for admission on the same date?
  7. General question: what are everyone’s thoughts on emailing a PI to thank them for their time and consideration post-interview?
  8. School: Wayne State University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of the invite: January 11th Type of invite: Email from POI, formal invitation to follow Interview date(s): February 15th (alternate date of 2/18) Was NOT expecting this, but legitimately shaking! Feel free to PM me for information!
  9. Hi! Can the person with the invite from Wayne State PM me the POI initials (if you’re comfortable) please? Congratulations!
  10. Hi, everyone! To people who’ve done preliminary interviews via video chat before (mine will NOT be with my POI if that matters): what do you recommend wearing? I’m not sure if I should wear a blazer and a blouse like I would for an in-person interview or something a little more relaxed like a cardigan and a nice blouse. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  11. If anyone with an invite from Michigan State happens to see this, can you message me the POI? Thanks!!
  12. If either of the two people with invites from MSU happen to see this, would you mind messaging me your POI? I haven’t seen any invite posts on this thread about MSU, but there are two entries on the results page. Thanks and congratuIations!! Edit: Also, were invites extended by POIs or by the program itself for Michigan State? I’m trying to gauge what my chances might be at this point.
  13. Can you send that info to me as well? Congratulations!
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