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  1. I was accepted to a R1 school with 2 pubs in prep (I’m a first year now) and still neither of those in prep manuscripts are published. Schools just want to see that you have that ability but faculty understand how long it takes to get an actual manuscript published. Also, if you submitted any posters for conferences that weren’t accepted yet, you can add those to your CV too with the abstract citation then “poster submitted for presentation at the blah blah conference”.
  2. Having your manuscripts as “in-prep” on your CV is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. Most people don’t have publications when they’re applying. I would also consider expanding your list to closer to 10 schools to increase your odds. Also, Washington State doesn’t use neuroimaging if you’re interested in that for your training.
  3. Yes. As others stated, some may require you to list up to 3 AND explain why they would be a good mentor for you/how their research interests align. I created an excel that outlined the specific requirements of each SOP. They ranged from 500 word limits to 1500 word limits so it’s nice to have it all in one place. Also, if you don’t mention the school by name and make it clear why THAT program over the others, you’re looking at an application in the trash. For example, my current PhD program has a diversity minor and a quantitative methods minor so I mentioned the diversity minor in mine and why that’s appealing to me, etc. It should be clear you did your research on the program. It’s tedious but necessary.
  4. 2 years in a neuropsych lab after undergrad, I had a year of research and clinical experience from undergrad, 4 poster presentations, 2 manuscripts either in revision or under review, and 1 encyclopedia chapter in prep. I’m 1st authored on the posters and encyclopedia chapter, 2nd on one manuscript and 5th on the other.
  5. These are similar to my scores and I got into a R1 clinical psych PhD program. If the rest of your CV is strong, one weakness is not going to make them throw out your entire application. Good luck!
  6. I will be attending UNL's clinical psych PhD program in the Fall so feel free to DM me with any specific questions about their application/interview process.
  7. I got a 159V/149Q/5.5 writing and was accepted to a R1 clinical psych PhD program for Fall 2019 if that helps! Editing to add that a lot of programs will overlook a weakness in one area if you make up for it in another. For example, I clearly had a terrible quant GRE score, and I also had a low undergrad GPA (3.13 cumulative), but I have great research and clinical experience, multiple first-author poster presentations, multiple manuscript collabs, and at the time of applying I had an encyclopedia chapter where I'm first authored in prep in my area of interest. I was convinced I wouldn't make it to the next stage of the process because of my GRE/GPA but I received multiple interviews to my top programs of choice. In short, don't let the numbers get you down!!!!
  8. This is a very different scenario but one I can offer... My mom changed her career from Human Resources to psychology about 5 years ago and she went to MiSSP for her psych masters. She did pass her EPPP but yeah, she doesn’t have great things to say about the school/program. She’s in private practice now as a LPP. From her, it’s a joke and most graduates don’t even go on to being in psych careers. I hope this helps!
  9. Congratulations! This was the case for me. My POI called me late morning and then I got the formal offer later that same day. Hope this helps!
  10. I would send an email to Jamie Longwell if you still haven't heard! I received my offer the week after interviews. Good luck!
  11. Temple is more research focused than clinical, they don’t have a 70 clinical/30 research split. I can’t speak for Harvard or Yale. My original comment was saying even the most clinical focused programs wouldn’t have research taking a backseat to clinical.
  12. Even the most “clinical focused” PhD programs will be a 50/50 split. Clinical psych phd’s are being trained to be researchers primarily so you’d be better off with a PsyD.
  13. I got accepted to a program on 2/21 and my friend got accepted to the same program on 2/27 because they were different PI's. I don't know how Florida does it but it isn't unheard of for PI's to do it on their own terms. Assuming you interviewed, I wouldn't consider yourself rejected at this point.
  14. My quant score was even lower than this persons (159 V, 5.5 writing) and a 3.2 undergrad GPA. I’ve been accepted to a R1 school for clinical psych PhD. Acting like it’s a number games is very wrong. “Stats” get you through the door but it’s your interviewing skills and general likability that actually gets you offers.
  15. School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Concentration: Clinical Type: PhD Date of acceptance: February 21st Notified by: Phone call from POI followed by official offer from grad coordinator. I formally accepted my offer yesterday
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