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  1. I went to a small liberal arts college and am currently a 2nd year at one of the schools you applied to
  2. You’ll get a memo in the summer about orientation and registration. You don’t hear much after you sign the paperwork until they’re gearing up for the fall. Congratulations!!
  3. RELAX. Go on vacation!! Soak in this amazing feeling. Do minimal work until you start your program. It’s impossible to understand the amount of work a phd is going to be and you’ll really miss this time of not having any huge stressors/responsibilities. I left my post bac two months before I had to move for my program and went to California and Hawaii. I also read a lot of fiction books. Also, congrats everyone! You DID IT!!
  4. Sarcasm isn’t received well via text so sorry on my behalf too!
  5. It was just a piece of advice but the way you responded to this kind of proves my point of immaturity. Best of luck in this process!
  6. The CUDCP guidelines say students shouldn’t hold more than two offers for more than a week. But yes, express your excitement and say you’re just waiting for some more info before you can make your final decision. Congrats!
  7. I would be wary of using the word “love” to describe your emotions to interviewers. It can come off as immature during my experience of interviewing potential new students for our program.
  8. I emailed all faculty I interviewed with to thank them but not all the grad students.
  9. Thanks! I’m actually a 1st year clinical student so this is from last year but still feel incredibly lucky to be where I am ❤️
  10. My funding was in my formal offer letter and it did tell me the amount. Don’t accept any offer without the funding details clearly laid out.
  11. (There’s no “ranking” of clinical psych programs because a top choice for me who’s interested in neuropsych isnt going to be a top choice for someone with other interests so I wouldn’t take this advice with much weight at all). I do agree that applications are reviewed holistically. I’m a clinical psych grad student at a R1 and my quant score was below the 50th percentile with my other scores being 85 percentile verbal & 99 percentile writing. But my mentor did have to advocate for me to be invited to interview because they were concerned with my low quant score. It does matter b
  12. This happened to me last year with Florida except they said I could complete a Skype interview and then never scheduled one or replied to my emails about setting it up (I emailed 3 times then let it go)... it obviously wasn’t my top choice because I chose to go to a different schools interview weekend (where I’m now a grad student) but definitely left a bad taste in my mouth!
  13. The messages right above you talk about this and bringing a padfolio.
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