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  1. That's kind of where we are at, honestly. Iowa City would be great, but half an hour commute for a house that has what we want and is in our budget is gold. My spouse has been commuting 1.5 hours for the two years of my masters, so half an hour commute doesn't seem bad. The houses in Iowa City are just so much more expensive than the same thing in Cedar Rapids. We've tentatively set an appointment to view houses the second week in April, now just waiting to see if that actually happens.
  2. Reach out and ask. I did for a school I hadn't received funding info from and they reassured me they were hoping I would attend and sent my financial offer two days later. I did state that I was aware there were other priorities with covid 19, but I wanted to check in due to the April 15th decision date being so close. I think it's very reasonable to check in at this point.
  3. Are you looking at Iowa City or more Coralville or Cedar Rapids? My spouse was expecting to be transferring to Cedar Rapids, but said it looks like the transfer might be to Coralville instead. It seems like the closer you get to Iowa City, the more expensive houses are, though.
  4. Just updating that I will be hanging out around the UIowa campus come F2020. Hope to see you around! We are trying to figure out buying a house with the Covid19 stuff, are you guts on lock down/stay at home orders? We think we are going to be starting tomorrow here in Missouri. I'm not looking forward to potentially buying a house without being abe to tour it 🙃😒
  5. I officially signed, scanned and returned the paperwork today for University of Iowa's program! It was a really hard decision to make a decision and it came down to between them and University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the last couple days just trying to figure out which was the best path forward for my career and my family's future plans. I honestly found myself wishing only one had accepted me or only one had offered funding, lol! Both programs and mentors at the programs very good fits and programs for me. Now that the decision is made, I am really looking forward to next year. If anyone is going through the process of applying for Human Ecology related degrees in the future, feel free to reach out to me 🙂
  6. I've been accepted to the PhD Psychological and Quantitative Foundations, Couple and Family Therapy program at University of Iowa. With everything going on, I didn't receive my financial letter from them until yesterday. We currently have a kiddo sick with Covid 19 symptoms and am trying to figure out telehealth for clients at my internship, so haven't had a chance to really sit down and look over the offer and other factors in depth one more time before making a final decision. Hoping to do that this weekend.
  7. Right now my main focus is on surviving and keeping my children alive. Myself and both my kids are medically at risk with this virus. While I'm super glad to be pursuing a PhD, I am significantly less concerned about how the virus is going to affect the timeline of my degree than whether or not myself and children are going to survive. My oldest is at the doctor with my spouse (who is not medically at risk, but who works in an "essential" field so has likely been exposed) because my oldest has worsening symptoms of the virus as of 5 am this morning. The doctor was able to get him in to be seen this morning, but we don't know if testing is even available right now. Even if testing is available, I am concerned about the available of care (as pneumonia is a very serious concern for us with our pre-existing health concerns in the best of conditions, this virus is far from the best of conditions). That said, I do get the desire to know what the fall might look like. My master program, campus therapy clinic, and internship are currently working on getting telehealth and online classes figured out, so I assume the PhD program I'm attending will be doing something similar. I am totally on board with online options for classes and telehealth options for clients for the foreseeable future if that means more people coming out of this alive on the other side.
  8. I will (hopefully) be in my 40s when I finish my PhD (I started college for the first time in my 30s) as well and I'm married with kids at home, also. Like you I am graduating with my masters this May. My spouse does not have a college degree, but he is supportive of my academic and career goals. I would sit down and decide if this is a goal of yours or not. It is of mine, I want to be academic faculty and do research- I need a PhD for that and it's an important enough goal I am willing to invest the time and effort despite being an older, non-traditional student. Something that has been significant is the way we divide up taking care of the kids. I tend to be the primary care-provider in our home for the kids when it comes to things like staying up at night with sick kiddos. On the flip, he tends to be the one to take them to doctors appointments during the day. I tend to be the one that goes to the school events. He tends to be the one that sits down with them to help with homework. Etc... It's not perfect (for example, with the recent colds and flu that came through our town I averaged less than 3 hours sleep a night for over two weeks straight, that was really rough with it coinciding with traveling for a couple PhD interviews), but overall it seems to work out okay for us.
  9. Yes! And my spouse can only transfer to a handful of locations in the Midwest only. It made it very difficult to find programs to apply to that were also a good fit. I am still waiting for financial info, so am not celebrating quite yet, but I was accepted to the program that out of those I applied to is actually (I feel) the best fit for research/client focus for me and is in the heart of his company's territory (as in the corporate office is just two hours away and there are a dozen locations to within an hour of the university- so the chances of him being able to transfer laterally are good). It's sucked a bit, because it meant I couldn't apply to some programs I would have loved to (for example: the professor who literally wrote the book on the integrated therapy style I use invited me to apply to their program as their mentee.... but it's several states away from the nearest location my spouse could transfer to). It is a ton of pressure to try and make it work out, but it's important to us that we do. You are not alone in this!
  10. I do not know for sure, this is what I am getting from my own experiences. I think right now everyone is waiting for the dust to settle and see who actually accepts. Only one of the programs have I talked to who would be my mentor (and that's because they were the one to call and let me know about the acceptance) at all the others it's been an email from the program or similar letting me know about the acceptance and that financial info will follow. I have been assuming that the POIs are likely waiting to reach out any further until they know for sure if I'll be attending their program- which won't happen until I find out the financial info and make a final decision (at which point I will be the one reaching out to let them know). I may be wrong about how this normally works though- this is my second PhD application cycle, but it's my first time with acceptances- so I'm mostly meaning making as a go.
  11. Let me know if you get good news about Iowa- I've heard that the CFT and all the Psych tracks are super collaborative and interact a lot 🙂
  12. My last admission decision came in the evening. The program had said we'd hear acceptance decisions by end of the week. So when I hadn't heard anything by close of day I assumed I'd been rejected and was like, bummer... Ordered pizza for the family and decided to have a mopey evening. Then boom. I'm beginning to think admissions and application season in general is just chaotic and there are no rules on when stuff could be sent out or decided (or what could be the tipping point for decisions).
  13. I'm so sorry everything is lining up like this. It sounds like you are doing so much, and it is really stressful and a lot. I'm rooting for you!
  14. Once I got accepted at one of my top three schools I declined offers for admission and interviews to other schools that weren't the other two of my top three. This is the basis for the emails I sent: [Dr./Etc...], Thank you so much for your interest in my application and inviting me to [interview for/attend] your program. I regret to inform you that I will not be [interviewing for/attending] your program, but hope to cross paths with the amazing faculty and students at [University/College] in the future. Best regards, [Me]
  15. I would follow up at this point with an email back to ask about details.
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