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  1. Hi everyone, so my question is: Are you including 2 faculty of interest in the SOP or just focusing on 1? Context - I was recommended by another person to indicate 2 faculty of interests in SOP as a way of showing good departmental fit. So in my current draft, I included a paragraph discussing how my research interest converges with 2 people in the department. But this limits the depth in which I can elaborate on how our research interests align. For one of the school I'm applying for, 1 of the faculty finally got back to me after my cold-email and expressed that they are retiring,
  2. Thank you for being curious haha~ my research questions revolve around bicultural integration and biculturalism. This has a lot of do with my personal experience as an immigrant and assessment experiences on students' sense of belonging in college. In short, I wanted to know 1) how do people integrate cultures and if there's a critical age for cultural integration similar to language acquisition and 2) how does biculturalism and its associated cognitive flexibility help to improve interracial dynamics/biases. I've had a lot of discussions with colleagues and professors on whether my questions
  3. Wanted to give a quick update and bump this post - I am applying this cycle! I got a paper acceptance and poster acceptance, which hopefully can boost my CV. I've also connected with a psychology post-doc and trying to start another research project with her. I'm going the "unconventional" way and only applying to my reach and match schools. I've mentally and financially prepared myself in case I have to apply again next year. ❤️ Would love to hear back feedback on SOP and hear any advices on career transitions~ P.s. GPA: 3.46 undergrad, 3.93 MA, GRE: V 159/Q 161
  4. Hi there, first of all - thank you so much for taking the time to write such extensive and insightful reply!!! Without even reading your words, the sheet length and details of your feedback is so encouraging and heartwarming, so thank you so much for being so gracious about sharing your experiences and insights. Your suggestions tips definitely helped me to reflect more about this application process. Luckily I've witnessed my best friend's PhD application cycle (twice) so she had helped realized some expectation vs. reality conversations. Either way I will do my best to carry out my study and
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for some feedback in regards to my next step as I am hoping to apply for Fall 2021 Social Psyc programs. To make this thread as streamlined and simple as possible, I've organized my situation in the following topics: Basic Info Psychology B.S. with Honors, C/O 2015 - highlight include finished a 2-year honors program within 1 year, finished a research project (unpublished, presented 2 times in school conferences/showcases) Higher Education M.A., C/O 2019 - highlight include finished an independent and funded research using a psychology framework
  6. Hi everyone, Since sharing is caring here are my results: I applied Masters in Higher Education Student Affairs (the title of the program various a lot, but since my emphasis is HESA all programs share similar curriculum). I got accepted by University of San Francisco, USC, San Diego State, University of Washington, Columbia University Teachers College, and New York University, which are all the programs I've applied this year. My first acceptance was USF in January and I got my last acceptance in TC on Monday (more like used a trick to log in admitted student portal prior to admission st
  7. Hi Yumiko, No I did not. I actually received my admission letter today. Hope that helps!
  8. I'm in! Thank you for the reminder~ And just for frame of reference for some other folks: I applied for Higher and Postsecondary Education M.Ed., but was accepted by their M.A.
  9. Hi Blue, Do you think this happens to Master applicant too? I applied for M.Ed. but now I have two applications as well, the second one has the submission date being today 3/13/17, and the application was marked as waived. Do you think I was deferred from M.Ed. to M.A.? Because someone told me that in the case of a M.A. candidate being overqualified, they would bump their information up to M.Ed. admission committee...
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