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  1. t_ruth

    GRFP Question

    From what I know, even if you have the two-year gap, you can't be CURRENTLY enrolled in a PhD program when you apply. So, if you get a Masters, take time off, and apply BEFORE you start your PhD you are eligible, but if you already started the PhD, you are not. It also sounds like you would be in your second PhD year when you apply. In that case, if you have a Masters you are definitely NOT eligible There are FAQ about these--they actually released them just a few weeks before the deadline last year, which meant a lot of people who were already working on their applications were hit with the bad news that they weren't eligible. It was not good.
  2. t_ruth

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    You can go on "reserve" and use the money in your PhD. Also, I doubt your master's stipend pays as well as the GRFP--GRFP funding is very good. Further, you can use it to negotiate for summer funding--GRFP stipend is 12 months, but you are allowed to "work" during the summer for extra money. As to prestige, yes, it's certainly a "shiny spot." It also will likely influence future funding with NSF. They like to fund GRFP winners when they become faculty.
  3. Yes and no. I had five different careers before choosing academia. If something isn't right, you can change your mind (no matter how far down the path you've gone).* *recognizing that life circumstances might make this difficult, but there is no rule that says "now is when your career is set in stone."
  4. One option is to get the MSW, but to find a way to engage in psychology research while you are in your Masters (and also take as many psych courses as you can). That way, when you finish, you can choose to either go for the Psych PhD or continue on the social work path.
  5. t_ruth

    2019 Education Applications

    I don't think it will hurt. Good luck!
  6. t_ruth

    Contacting faculty members

    It might be less common for those given the non-research nature of many. Do you know any current students in the programs you are interested in?
  7. t_ruth

    Contacting faculty members

    This is a common practice, generally considered helpful. There are *many* prior threads on this you might want to check out.
  8. t_ruth

    2019 Education Applications

    Many Ed Psych programs are similar to Learning Sciences programs. There are also Ed Psych and Ed Tech combined programs, like at Michigan State. Start reading research that interests you and see where those authors are (what type of program).
  9. t_ruth

    2019 Education Applications

    Depending on the kinds of questions you want to ask, Ed Psych or digital learning Masters programs might be good matches. Most will be two years. Some offer funding (or might for a second year if you are a good student/researcher). I also know people accepted into Ed PhD programs without Masters degrees or Education undergrad if they have a good background for research. MA is certainly the easiest route, but may not be the best for your goals. Do you have a mentor in academia near you? This can be very helpful.
  10. t_ruth

    2019 Education Applications

    You can take or leave my advice. I'm in a very related field. If you eventually want a PhD an MS is going to serve you better and your industry experience will make you more competitive for an MS. There is no cost difference between an MS and MA most places.
  11. t_ruth

    2019 Education Applications

    I would suggest an MS instead of an MA if you do want to go to PhD programs. That way, you can start research right away and be more competitive for PhDs and for fellowships. I would also suggest looking beyond ed tech programs to things like ed psych and learning sciences.
  12. t_ruth

    2019 Education Applications

    You'll want letters that can speak to your aptitude for work as an academic. I would suggest at least one comes from someone with a PhD. What kinds of programs are you looking at?
  13. t_ruth

    Potential supervisor response

    Sigh, assumption of male default
  14. t_ruth

    Potential supervisor response

    It doesn't necessarily mean they have funding. It just means they are taking students. The two things aren't always tied.
  15. t_ruth

    2019 Education Applications

    The only benefit to applying before the deadline is that excited jr. faculty may view your application early and get excited/attached

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