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  1. MT OISE 2017

    WOOOO!!! That's awesome news!!
  2. MT OISE 2017

    I'm sure you will! Keep us updated when you do!
  3. MT OISE 2017

    Once everybody receives their acceptances, we should create a facebook group :)!
  4. MT OISE 2017

    Thank you!! It says March 1, 2017!
  5. MT OISE 2017

    You had the exact same ROSI/ACORN situation as me so I'm sure you got in too! I live 15 minutes or so from UofT which would probably explain why I got it today but don't sweat it!!
  6. MT OISE 2017

    Thank you! Primary/Junior! What did you apply for?
  7. MT OISE 2017

    Thank you!! It still says under review and nothing has changed on ACORN or ROSI since last time I checked. I hope you all get in with me!!
  8. MT OISE 2017

    I just got my letter in the mail, I've been accepted!! You all should be receiving yours soon if you haven't already!
  9. LOL! I felt the exact same way!! If I were to leave Toronto, 100% I would be going to Western. I got into York but I'm waiting on OISE and then that would be the deciding factor. I just don't want to make the wrong decision .
  10. If you check uozone the results are up for Ottawa directly on their wesbite! I've gotten accepted but I want to stay in Toronto, hopefully you're in!
  11. York University (Toronto) - Anyone?

    Faculty of Education website and OUAC! March 1st is the absolute last day for final offers! Good luck to you too!
  12. MT OISE 2017

    Hopefully that's the case this year!!
  13. York University (Toronto) - Anyone?

    I've applied! We'll find out March 1st but hopefully tomorrow just after midnight!
  14. MT OISE 2017

    Praying that March 1st is when we get our confirmation!! The suspense is killing me, I'm sure you're all feeling the exact same way!
  15. MT OISE 2017

    I am in the exact same position as you are! Quite confusing indeed