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  1. The clinical/counseling programs at Columbia is actually funded with a stipend. Please get your facts straight before spreading misinformation about a highly reputable program. It's weird how you insist rankings are fake yet have somehow convinced yourself that TC is at the bottom. Excerpt from the website: "Whereas in recent years, the college has fully funded (tuition + $25,000 stipend) incoming doctoral students (“Doc Fellows”) for three years, beginning with those students admitted in academic year 2020, financial aid packages will continue through students’ fourth year. Because
  2. The clinical and counseling psychology department does fund their phd students with tuition remission and a stipend. It is a well-regarded program and carries just as much weight as other Ivy League schools. Not sure where this notion is coming from regarding its quality and prestige. Ouch. As an admit to the counseling phd program at TC, I know that the quality is top tier (one of my professors helped coined the term microaggression lol). The alumni in my program have gone on to be reputable names in the field. However, I also know that I could never afford an unfunded PhD. Can you conti
  3. I think I would personally go with school A. I understand completely being a woman of color and having to weigh that factor as well.
  4. TC is most definitely CU. Just like Mailman and schools of social work, nursing, etc. Everyone at Columbia knows that TC is essentially Columbia's school of education and it is very highly regarded.
  5. Incoming doc student in psych. It's fully funded + 25,000 stipend
  6. Teachers College, Columbia University- Counseling Psychology PhD! 🌆🚕🗽
  7. I agree, I did this and it was very well received. I let them know in the email how thankful I was for their consideration and hope that our paths will cross in the future :). I've only received positive responses and it made me feel good too knowing that I was being considerate
  8. Less than 24 hours lol. I interviewed from 9-3pm virtually and the offer came at noon the next day
  9. Definitely promising! This has happened to me twice and both were acceptances :). Keep us updated!!
  10. Hello! I was just admitted to the counseling psych PhD program at TC. Can't wait to meet some of you all there!
  11. Just booked 3 trips! One to NYC to check out my new city for the first time next week, a trip with my siblings to Miami where one of them lives, and the other to Vegas for a week in July! I’m 22 and have never lived outside of my state for more than 3 months. Really trying to spend as much time with my family as possible. So yeah, I got a little too excited after my acceptance and decided to drain my bank account because “self care” lol. Oh well, YOLO.
  12. That's a good perspective! I felt like 9-12 was a bit excessive, but I can definitely see how a program would want to just ensure that they are finding the right fit with an applicant. In the end, I'll just choose to trust the process and not sweat it!
  13. I also apologize, the “fake news” comment did sound like you were trolling at first. I think it all just comes down to fit, I got rejected from the program I was sure I’d be attending as well. I really do wish you the best and my DMs are wide open.
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