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  1. For those who have been accepted, have you received an admissions package yet?
  2. ^^ to add onto that, I just got my official acceptance and 10k scholarship! so excited
  3. Just checked the admitted students portal and I'm in!!! MA in Higher and Postsecondary Education. Can't believe it!!!
  4. To all the people who got accepted, did your admissions portal/letter say anything about an admissions day? Last year it was on March 25 I think. Just trying to get a clearer idea of when I might hear back
  5. Congrats!! @Sissi Chen Did you hear back at 2:15/5:15PM and through email like other applicants?
  6. I hope I heard back by next week because I would have to accept USC’s offer and it’s $1,000 to accept. I want to go to TC more, though. So don’t know what to do! Stressing lol
  7. Congratulations @finnley ! I’m waiting for a response in the same program. I applied on January 9 and I feel like i should have a decision by now. Super nervous lol
  8. I applied to the MA in Higher and Postsecondary Education. Did you apply to an MA program too? Also, which forum are you looking at? I can’t find much on TC. Can you link it here please! I also think we will hear back this week! :)
  9. Wow! That is so interesting, I wonder if it's a glitch or actually means something. We'll see this week. I'm pretty sure a lot of acceptances/denials will come out this week. So nervous!
  10. still haven’t heard anything yet! so happy for the people above! Getting anxious though
  11. Hey Everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Teachers College at Columbia University! I thought I would start the thread with my program of choice and stats. I think we all would love for people to ask questions, share stats, share acceptances/denials. :) Program: Higher and Post Secondary Education GPA: 3.81 Undergrad Major: Sociology I'm really scared about this whole process and anticipating results!!
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