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  1. Well put. So long as the program can be accredited (RCC or CCC) it's all good! I really enjoy reading everyone's posts under this thread, and I'd love to learn more about what you all will choose for your future paths! All the best
  2. I don't think I will reapply... Hopefully one day I can make my way back to Toronto through work, life, or another degree. I would love to know more about what makes you so determined to attend OISE 🙂 I think it takes a lot of strengths and determination to repeat the process. Bravo!
  3. Hello fellow future counselors! I was offered acceptance to NYU, CUNY, and Yorkville (Canada). I'm Canadian, about to start my I-20 and visa application as I aim to attend NYU. Would love to connect with anyone going into an MHC program this fall and/or in NYC!
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