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  1. Yeah I'm not sure but since you're a teacher yourself, you definitely would have a better gauge of it. Yeah I also enjoyed BC's admitted students' day as well! definitely a great institution and strong faculty in their counseling program. oh i see - you'd also be deciding between masters vs. phd. i don't know too much about Alabama either lol what made you decide to apply to the school alabama then? reputation of school/program?
  2. ahh i actually didn't realize counselors can't bill Medicare anymore! but thank you so much for your advice and sharing your input and the experiences of people you know. i am considering practicing in an area where the average income is higher than the national average, but then again it is quite saturated in this area and also cost of living is higher at the same time lol. And agree it is important to especially keep in mind the years pre-licensure as the debt is accruing. I appreciate all this info as my partner and I definitely are thinking of buying a place, family planning, and all those
  3. @PsyDuck90 thanks for your input! some of your points did come up too from some of my discussions with friends, which I believe are valid.
  4. @MonYXActually the faculty member in my program also mentioned a bigger cohort size for my program too. usual cohort sizes for my program they said are 40-50 I think and already about 60 people accepted their offer thus far. And we still have 2 weeks or so to go from resolution date. So i am assuming our cohort size will be double (if not a bit more). Yeah I am also not sure because i received a great offer from Boston College with a Dean's scholarship/quite generous tuition remission but Upenn definitely has the bigger name, and also i did feel very connected to the faculty member facilitatin
  5. @MonYXhey! it was good - how about for you? I am leaning towards penn...but haven't made my final decision just yet haha and you??
  6. @ktrunner9922 thank you so much!! and gotcha - money is definitely a huge factor for me as well as I'm debating and making my decision. wishing you the best @ hopkins!!
  7. did you end up attending? i attended and they said that it was also being recorded and they will send it out via email
  8. @ktrunner9922that's so funny because I had the exact same interview date and also acceptance date!
  9. @ktrunner9922 wow congrats on all your acceptances!! atm i'm deciding between upenn vs. BC and still waiting on NYU. just curious, what factors made you choose to attend Hopkins? also one of my best friends is doing her phd in the soe at jhu and has had a really good experience thus far!
  10. @inthaacutt wanted to add on another thing from my prior response did NYU sent out any info regarding an admitted students' day or anything yet?
  11. congrats!! i don't know too much about either program, but there are a host of factors for me as i'm deciding on my programs. i like to look at faculty profiles, tuition (though as they are both CSU perhaps tuition $ is similar?), program size, community, school/program reputation, cost of living, etc.
  12. congratulations! that's so exciting that you will be starting soon! and yes, me too as I didn't see any so thought I'd start one.
  13. ahh congrats on your NYU acceptance!! 🙂 i'm actually still (nervously) waiting to hear back from them! submitted early Jan., but I have gotten into other counseling programs that I am super excited about as well (Penn, BC) but definitely am eager to hear from NYU. i didn't apply to columbia's counseling program, but was there a supplemental application/essay or anything? just curious!
  14. Hi all! I thought I'd start a thread for those of us applying/waiting/accepted or declined into master's for mental health counseling programs. I'm just curious about others' experiences with the admissions/decisions process so far and wanted to connect!
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