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  1. Seton Hall- Counseling Psychology PhD! Anyone else? feel free to message. Congrats everyone 🥳
  2. Hi, I think it depends on the school. I was on two waitlists and both have stated they will be accepting people even after the 4/15 deadline.... I would inquire!
  3. School: Seton Hall University Type of Program: Counseling Psychology Acceptance Date: 3/24/19 Top choice! Very Excited.
  4. Yes! You should let the program director know you would like to be removed off of the waitlist. This might help someone else who may have been also waitlisted eventually receive an offer. Congratulations on your acceptance!
  5. School: Pace University Type of Program: Clinical Psychology (Health Care Emphasis) Acceptance Date: 3/9/20
  6. I completely understand the reason for this post. Being waitlisted is like this eternal limbo that hurts. I was also waitlisted from a school I felt was perfect and now I’m worried that will be the result of my other interviews. Breathe through it. I also relate to this hopelessness feeling of not being sure you want to do this next semester. I say, lets get through April and we’ll figure it out after. Sending positive vibes.
  7. Good luck to you! I am also waitlisted. I’m wondering what the right thing to say is in terms of inquiring about the waitlist position. And also, how soon is too soon to ask after notice of waitlist?
  8. Burnout is the best word to describe this sentiment. It’s almost as though the assumption of not getting in is more intense and nerve-racking than an actual rejection letter. Best of luck to you.
  9. Congratulations! Third time’s the charm Seeing your success is certainly helpful. What did you do differently between cycles two and three?
  10. Had such a strange interview yesterday. It truly defined the concept of “best fit” for me. I left there feeling ok with that rejection. Starting to get nervous as I have 2 interviews left and the program I felt I was the best fit for waitlisted me after interviewing. This process has been so exhausting, it’s my second application round and now I’m battling the flu. I don’t know if I can do this a third time. How do people stay motivated?
  11. Watching people post decisions on a school I interviewed at and have yet to hear from. 😆 Help. How does one keep from panicking ?
  12. i specifically felt “my mind just jumps right back to phd.” i feel myself refreshing these pages far too often!
  13. The silence is deafening !!! Hope you all have something fun and distracting lined up for the weekend!
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