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  1. I took the practice test that’s available through ets to see what areas I needed to focus on. Then I skimmed an intro to psych book and paid attention to the sub areas I did bad on from the practice test - if you need I can email you a pdf of an excellent intro book.
  2. As the acceptances continue to roll in and you are contemplating which school to choose, I thought it was time we had a thread of our final choices - that way we can celebrate each other and get in contact with our incoming cohort!
  3. With internships you’re not allowed to hold onto more than one. For grad school it’s different, here is the policy: https://cudcp.wildapricot.org/Resources/Documents/CUDCP Policy on Graduate Program Offers and Acceptances (FULL version).pdf
  4. I know this process is anxiety inducing but stop spreading this falsehood. You’re allowed to hold onto all offers as you await to get your final stipend offer, if you haven’t visited the university yet, and a few other reasons. This is your future don’t allow others dictate the choice for you.
  5. Actually you’re allowed to hold onto more than two if you’re still waiting on stipend information, haven’t had a chance to visit the campus, and some other factors
  6. Hey! this is my third year applying. I thought I was a solid choice my first year and it really took me hammering out my ideas over the past two years. Dm me if you want to talk more - I can give you my breakdowns and all that shit and advice I got! don’t give up hope, and if you can’t do it this year then another year!!
  7. Clinical psych is a really small field. To be extended the invites is a huge honor. To just not even go and meet the faculty member who invited you, their grad students, and learn more about the program is kinda rude. You could be excited about your first choice but can be surprised by other programs and what they have to offer. But so it goes I guess
  8. Has anyone heard from the following programs: Harvard University of Utah University of Kansas - Child
  9. Would the Penn state poster mind DM'ing me who they applied to?
  10. To the university of kansas child clinic track poster, would you mind sending your poi?
  11. Can the most recent UNL and UMSL posters message me who the POI is?
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