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  1. Hey chin up, your CV looks (intimidatingly) impressive! This is my first year applying and I dont have anything secured so Im by no means an expert. I can say that I have learned alot from this experience and this is what I will do different next round. Reach out to potential POIs months before the applications even open to start a dialogue. Work to bring up GRE You have publications and research experience already (but if not these are key) Make sure the fit is really strong research wise (like what the potential POIs future research directions are) Diversify t
  2. For posters who were invited to Upenn interviews would you mind DMing me your POI thanks!
  3. First off CONGRATULATIONS🎉 that is an amazing blessing! If it is an official acceptance that you are certain you want to accept (duh 1st choice lol), I would recommend (if its not too much economical strain) going to one additional interview just to potentially have room for negotiations (request higher stipend, or secure RA Line, etc). In the interest of your time and the schools (and all other anxiously hopeful applicants) I would let the other programs know you have made a decision so that they can extend the opportunity to someone else. Again congrats you earned this! 👏👏
  4. If the dinner is immediately after a full interview day, most people show up in the same clothes (minus blazer/tie). If the dinner is an informal event before/following the interview day then business casual (Jean's & dress top) have been my go to. Best of luck on your interview, you got this!
  5. Hello, thanks for everyones post & updates....has anyone heard anything from Montclair? There wasnt much activity on the results page 😕
  6. Thank you both for both posting the question and your honest reply! This is my first cycle and the process is so ambiguous that it helps to have the sage words gathered from everyone's experience. Would you recommend reaching out to the programs, will they tell you if invites have already been sent out (aka you're rejected)? Thanks *cries internally
  7. Reached out to Montclair and was told by office staff that they are still reviewing applications...but also heard some labs already held their interviews so I'm sorry if this made it more confusing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. You are amazing, thank you for your positive vibes and I wish you nothing but the absolute best not just with your applications but with all your endeavors
  9. Hello village! This is my 1st time applying and wanted to to know if there was a date by when you should throw in the hat and assume you've been rejected .....just wanted to set a date for my anxiety to be over 😅 thanks!
  10. Congrats!!! Double-triple post away with this news!! Mind sharing your POI, and good luck on your interviews
  11. I didn't ask if they were done, but my POI at UIUC told me that all faculty had to agree, and once they did they would all be sending out invites (on 1/10) Thanks for the information! I havent seen many people posting too many UIUC results yet so I hope that means some indecision for them and hope for us
  12. Congrats again..thats so awesome!!! mind sharing your UW POI?..and good luck on your interview!!
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