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  1. Their interview was yesterday 1/24! I can’t say they’re done because I don’t know, but that was the only interview date I was aware of.
  2. Umass Boston isn’t sending until the first week of February! They sent an email explaining that, as long as your application was received (from what they said)
  3. Are any of the Suffolk posters able to tell if the invite is a mass email? Trying to determine whether I’m done for 😭
  4. Would Suffolk posters be willing to DM me their PI? Huge congrats
  5. If you receive an interview from the DCT or just a mass email, do you reach out to your POI and express your thanks/let them know you are looking forward to the interview, or is that odd/unnecessary?
  6. For those wondering about Harvard like me, I reached out and although there is no formal interview weekend, PIs will reach out directly for an in person or Skype interview, and these are most likely to take place before February 6th, with decisions extended late February and March. I hope this helps!!
  7. Would you be willing to share your POI? Congrats that is amazing!!
  8. for UVM I would suggest emailing the DCT! I was told that invites were sent out and there was a high chance I would not be invited, so took that as a rejection. either way they’ll update you on your status!
  9. Would anyone having had interviews either this year or in the past be willing to share any last Interview minute tips? With panel interviews, meetings with multiple faculty, and your POI, it’s difficult to predict what will go on during each (which all of you know). Any advice or insight would be so appreciated.
  10. I’m not sure of a specific date, but I was told by the DCT that it would be the weeks following MLK day! I’m assuming before Feb
  11. A good amount of people posted their invites on Friday, I don’t know why they suddenly disappeared on the results page I saw that someone asked the DCT and the invites were done for now, but I was really surprised that it would just happen in one day like that. I didn’t get this info personally so can’t say for sure, but that’s just what I’ve seen. Really hoping it’s not the case
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