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  1. If someone opts to hold their admission until April 15th, for whatever reason, what is the official policy for professor's extending offers to those on the waitlist? If you do get an offer ON April 15th, is it just that you essentially have until "midnight" to accept? Mainly curious if an offer can be extended after this deadline!
  2. Would anyone be willing to give their perspective on obtaining a masters in psychology or clinical psychology prior to pursuing a PhD? Being waitlisted essentially everywhere, and then getting the option to forward my applications to the masters programs where I’ve been rejected has me thinking. My backup has always been to pursue a masters in something other than clinical psychology or psychology, but is it more beneficial? I’m sure it varies from person to person and program to program, but any advice is appreciated!
  3. Has anyone heard from Loyola Chicago PhD post interview?
  4. Have people been hearing from UMASS Boston? I know someone posted but doesn’t seem like much activity - wondering whether tomorrow is the main day... hopefully
  5. Can whoever got accepted to URI please DM me your PI? Congratulations!
  6. Has anyone heard from URI post interview? I thought they said 1 week
  7. Me too please!! And congrats!! Penn is so competitive so amazing job!
  8. CONGRATS TO THE PENN POSTER. So competitive, that is truly awesome. Just for others a bit nervous (me), would you be willing to share or DM your PI? Thank you!!
  9. Their interview was yesterday 1/24! I can’t say they’re done because I don’t know, but that was the only interview date I was aware of.
  10. Umass Boston isn’t sending until the first week of February! They sent an email explaining that, as long as your application was received (from what they said)
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