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  1. I'm sure this has been asked before...but do y'all list submitted or in-prep manuscripts on your CV?
  2. I actually spoke with a faculty about the GRE situation - they said while many schools are starting to remove the requirement, the faculty still like to see the scores. They told me that a sneaky way to still report your scores is to add them to your CV under schools/GPA. Just a tip I thought I'd share!
  3. Third time is (hopefully) the charm?! I applied a few years ago and was only accepted into a MS program (which I accepted and loved). Applied this last round to 12 schools (all PhD), received 6 interviews, 2 waitlists, but sadly no offers. I will be very curious to see how COVID impacts interviews - think they’ll be held virtually? That would certainly be kinder to our bank accounts..
  4. Hi everyone - has anyone accepted an offer from George Mason, specifically poi: TC? Thank you!
  5. Has anyone heard from Boston University's Clinical Psychology PhD program (POI: DP)?
  6. To the Boston University poster - congratulations!! Would you mind dm’ing me your POI initials? Thank you and congratulations again!!
  7. To the FIU poster - congratulations! Would you mind dm’ing your POI? Thank you!!
  8. Would the FIU poster mind dm'ing me their POI initials? much thanks!
  9. I also heard back today for an interview from TC!
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